The Lord of The Rings Trilogy Feast

A meal fit for a foodie, hobbit, geek, or all of the above — The Lord of the Rings Trilogy Feast is served every year at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, during a screening of all three movies.

With a menu seemingly spawned directly from The Shire, the eight courses are separated accordingly to a hobbit’s liking. During ‘First Breakfast’, ‘Second Breakfast’, and ‘Elevensies’ — diners can expect Stewed Coney with taters, Hen Eggs with nice crispy bacon, and of course Lembas Bread.

Add all of this to the 12-plus hours of orc killing and human-on-elf love, and the feast is a virtual marathon of fine dining and geekdom. Color me jealous.

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Update: Video of executive chef John Bullington explaining the inspiration behind some of the dishes. [via Eater]

[via Wired]


  1. My hobbit self is in love right now. ^^

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