The Japanese Restaurant That Lets You Catch Your Own Fish

Zauo (ざうお), a chain restaurant in Japan, offers patrons their seafood of choice, cooked (or not) to their liking. As long as you catch it yourself.

Although a unique approach to interactive dining, any semblance of sport is far removed from the actual fishing. For one, the water is crystal clear, removing any guesswork as to where the fish are. And, the obviously hungry fish will immediately bite at anything lowered into the water — not unlike any aquarium.

It is the closest thing to shooting fish in a barrel that you can get. Unless you’re in one of the lower U.S. states, where there are barrel fishing restaurants at every gas station.*


*we assume


  1. Jan says

    Well, for everybody who likes to know the animal that he is going to eat that might be a good thing.
    Me for myself like to keep all those Cows, Chicken and Pigs anonymus.


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