The Best Pistachio Bowl That You’ll See Today


Like most people, you eat your pistachios about a hundred at a time. The biggest concern, besides losing a nail trying to pry open a stingy shell, is where to throw all those empties.

The Pistachio Nut Bowl is here for a few reasons. One… It’s made to resemble a giant pistachio, so it should help make sure that there’s no mixing of nuts. Second… With its dual bowl design, you have one half to hold your ‘stachios, while you throw the granite-like shells in the other.

The Pistachio Nut Bowl is made from durable┬ámelamine by OTOTO, and is available here. OK, fine — you’re allowed to use it for olives too.

Picture 2

[via Incredible Things]


  1. […] The Pistachio Nut Bowl is designed to look like a giant pistachio. It'll hold your pistachios in one half, while you can discard empties in the other.  […]

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