The Katering Show, Adventures Of A Food Intolerant And An Intolerant Foodie


Every once in a while, an awesome cooking video series comes along to help break the monotony, and to point out the general suckiness, of other YouTube cooking videos.

The Katering Show is that series. Starring Kate McCartney and Kate McClennan as your ‘food intolerant’ and ‘intolerant foodie,’ the videos take us through the hilarious culinary adventures of this dysfunctional duo.

Watch as the two Aussies stumble and uncomfortably smile their way through recipes that ultimately won’t make McCartney “sh@t her pants,” while striving to be better people and improve their social media status. Spoiler… They fail at most of these.

Some NSFW images and language ahead…

[link, via BoingBoing]

Hard Candy With Fun Designs Inside


When it comes to hard candy design, you’re lucky if you get a spiral or a few errant stripes. La Confiserie CandyLabs in Montreal wants to change all of that, by creating handmade hard candies with fun designs inside.

The process, although rather labor-intensive, is a fluid process and fun to watch. Check it out below while you enjoy your boring spiral candy.


[link, via Neatorama]

Tiny Hamsters Having Tiny Thanksgiving


Hello Denizen is back with their Tiny Hamster series. This time, the adorable rodents are here to give tiny thanks.

A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving sees a few hamsters and their guest bunny gather around for some small turkey parts and micro-pies. After of which they sit down to watch some gerbil football, until they pass out on tryptophan and merlot.*

*this may or may not have actually happened.


How Not To Make Sparkling Wine At Home


If you’ve ever wondered how to make sparkling wine at home — and who hasn’t — then you’ll want to watch this video, and then do the complete opposite.

Let’s review what goes wrong here… They’re using a SodaStream to create the carbonation — which should only be used to make seltzer and New Coke-quality sodas. Second, red wine and sparkle just doesn’t go together. Thirdly, it’s a kid, well-below drinking age, at the helm.

Needless to say, the experiment ends badly. Badly, in that a lightly-carbonated red wine ends up on the ceiling. Enjoy.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Your Brain On Coffee, An Educational Video


Have you ever wondered why coffee has the ability to both keep us awake, and make us feel less stabby in the morning?

Your Brain on Coffee, brought to us by AsapScience, explains what caffeine is actually doing to our mind grapes. Most importantly, we discover what not only makes us crave caffeine, but why we eventually need more and more to remain functional.

The best part… AsapScience also explains why it’s physically impossible to overdose on caffeine. So, throw back all the mocha-choca lattes you’d like, and have fun trying to sleep this week.