KFC Has A Pink Burger Now


First, there was an all-black burger. Black begat red. Now, KFC China is here to raise the bar on ill-advised burger buns with a pink chicken sandwich.

The Rose Cheese Roasted Chicken Burger was recently introduced, along with another ubiquitous black burger, and is here to seriously mess with your rods and cones. Hopefully the chicken doesn’t turn out pink too.

Instagram: grace_choiiiii
Instagram: grace_choiiiii

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This Ridiculous 1991 Sizzler Commercial Is The Most American Thing That Ever Existed


Nothing says “Murica!” quite like freedom, over-the-top advertising, and your right to eat whatever the hell you want at a reasonable price.

This 1991 Sizzler commercial has all of these things, therefore, it is the most American thing to ever America. Overly-sentimental advertising with cringe-inducing voice-over… check. Hordes of hungry Americans huddled around an all-you-can-eat buffet… done and done.

But the greatest part, besides trying to imagine the original pitch meeting for this ad, is how this four-minute spot perfectly sums up an early 90s America. It was a country still recovering from the 80s — shown in the questionable fashion sense, a soundtrack for the tone-deaf, and heavy emphasis on value after the decade of excess. And, the steaks… Oh my, those steaks.

Please watch this…

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Ad Agency Looking For ‘Fresh Meat’ Makes An Awesomely Insane Recruitment Video


For those lucky enough to have ever worked in advertising, then you were once an adorable know-nothing plebe, known by industry insiders as “fresh meat.”

So, when agency Mother New York decided that the value of fresh meat in the office warranted a recruitment video, they did not disappoint. Taking the term a bit literally, and bat-shit crazily, the agency takes us on a psychedelic romp through pounds of the raw, the cooked, and the tubed meats as a recruitment tool.

The accompanying soundtrack appears to be sung by an employee, with the type of enthusiasm and dead-eyes that only come from former fresh-meat/currently charred veterans. Application deadline is April 24th, meat.

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Terrible Food Made To Look Fancy


There are few things we can do to make terrible food less terrible. And, if you try to make this questionable food “fancy,” then it only makes it look like you’re trying too hard.

Reddit’s Shittyfoodporn Channel is an assemblage of these culinary fails — with dishes that mean well, but ultimately have no reason to exist. There’s also an awful lot of hot dogs and mac and cheese in this series. Hopefully your lunch today turns out better.




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Watch What Happens When You Add Milk To Coca-Cola


Have you ever tried to mix milk and Coke because it seemed like a cute thing to do? Well, according to the video below, the mixture of carbonated beverage and dairy is the opposite of cute.

In fact, if you leave the two together, and allow them to react with each other for a few hours, it is one of the most horrifying things you’ll see today.

Sorry if we ruined your afternoon soda float…

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