The McWhopper, A Proposed Merger of The Whopper and Big Mac To Encourage Fast Food Peace


Burger King and McDonald’s have been at it for decades, battling for fast food supremacy. Now, with Peace One Day approaching, Burger King wants to call a truce, by merging each franchise’s signature burger.

The McWhopper would not only combine a Big Mac and Whopper into one sandwich, but would create a hybrid pop-up restaurant and branded employee uniforms.

Burger King is putting on a full-court press to get McDonald’s on board — launching a website, full page ads, and YouTube videos to promote the peace offering.

Please make the right move, McDonald’s. The fate of worldwide fast food peace hangs in the balance.

Update: McDonald’s has already decided not to give peace a chance, recently squelching the idea. You can read their PR-friendly response on Facebook.




Hands-Free Whopper Holder


For the fast food eater who’s using their hands for more important things, there’s the Hands-Free Whopper Holder. Supposedly, a few of these were presented to fifty lucky fans in Puerto Rico, where they’re celebrating the chain’s fiftieth anniversary in the country. Simply strap it on as if it’s a human feedbag, and you can stay productive as you chow.

So, is this contraption real? We’re still not sure. But if this is some sort of slick marketing campaign to improve Puerto Rico’s chances of becoming a U.S. State, they’re certainly heading in the right direction. Please watch this…

[link, via Gizmodo]

A Burger King Whopper with 1000 Slices of Cheese

The first question that comes to mind when viewing this Whopper with 1000 slices of American cheese is, why? Well, it’s because Burger King tells you that you can “Have it your way,” and the internet needs material. Already responsible for a Whopper with 1050 strips of bacon, Mr. Sato is happy to abide.

We’re not sure what Sato’s beef with BK is, or if he just reaaaally likes bacon and cheese. Either way, a video of the event can be seen below.

[via Incredible Things]