The History Of Pizza As Told By Pizza


The history of pizza is an interesting one. And, who better to tell the story, than with actual stop-motion slices and pizza-related items?

The Evolution of Pizza is brought to us by BuzzFeed. By moving around various forms of pizza and pizza-like products, we get a quick history lesson, while yearning for a slice. Please watch this, and be better educated for your next pizza night.

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Breakfast From Around The World


You might think that every country around the world eats either a bowl of cereal in the morning, or bacon topped with bacon. But, according to What Does The World Eat For Breakfast?, you would be dead wrong.

Some breakfasts consumed in other countries actually appear healthy — even employing something called “fruit” to the most important meal of the day. We know, it’s crazy, but take a look…


The Science Behind Spicy Foods


Spicy food… Why you burn so much? Actually, according to Rose Eveleth’s TED-Ed video The Science of Spiciness, there’s some serious stuff going on in those peppers and in your body.

The most interesting part, besides the big sciencey words used in the video, is that “spicy” doesn’t have anything to do with actual taste, but rather a much more complex series of events.

Also of note, is that everyone actually experiences the same heat levels in foods. It just comes down to who can take the heat, and who’s a Nancy Van Wimpypants. Wimpypants is a science term.


Popcorn’s Long History and The Science Behind Why It Pops


The next time that you’re at the movies…Try to take a short break from shoveling popcorn into your pie-hole, to appreciate the history and science behind the snack.

For instance… Did you know that popcorn kernels can be traced back to the ancient Aztecs? And, that the uncooked popcorn kernel is a sort of pressure cooker — helping to cook its own innards until the starches explode and solidify.

The short video Popcorn’s Beautiful, Explosive Journey lays it all out, and might have you craving some popcorn shortly after. Even if you’re going to torture your entire office with the stench of microwave popcorn — you can at least share some cool popcorn trivia too. It’s no wonder you never get invited to lunch.

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The Chemistry of Sriracha


Finally, our addiction to Sriracha is explained… With science. The Chemistry of Sriracha, by The American Chemical Society, not only explains why the hot chili sauce beckons us like an irresistible sea nymph — but also how Sriracha is able to retain its hypnotic red color for so long.

The culprits are actually a combination of endorphin-releasing capsaicinoids and color-retaining preservatives. Just the very mention of Sriracha leads to enormous traffic spikes on food culture sites such as this one. And, you can’t argue with science.

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