Why Coffee and Poop Are BFFs


It’s no secret that coffee has a few effects on our body. Coffee helps wake us up in the morning, makes us less likely to lash out at others for no reason and, for some people, makes them have to poop.

If you assumed that it was merely the caffeine helping to grease the wheels, the video Why Does Coffee Make You Poop? goes into further detail as to why coffee and poop are besties.

[link, via designtaxi]

Nick Offerman Has A Pizza Farm With Acres of Pepperoni Slices


Nick Offerman, like most, has a dream of growing his own pizza slices, thwarting whole pies and ridiculous delivery charges. Seen in this Funny or Die video, Farmer Nick’s philosophy of, “If it’s on a plant, it’s good for you,” is encouraging healthy eating with “acres of pizza, kissed by the sun.”

Offerman was even nice enough to harvest some taquitos, fish sticks and sloppy joes — for those who are sick of stupid fruit. I’m just glad that this is all very real, as the pizza seeds that I planted as a kid, have yet to show any progress. Thanks, Farmer Nick.


How To Chop An Onion Like A True Wiseass


Until now, there’s only been a few ways to successfully chop an onion. One, is relying on knife skills and accuracy. The other, is to throw that tear-inducing foodstuff in a food processor, and massacring it into small pieces.

Thankfully, You Suck At Cooking has come up with 7 Ways To Chop An Onion. Although, most of these techniques are works of fiction and crafty camerawork — they’re worth checking out, if you’d like a good laugh and/or your food processor is broken.


Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For The First Time… It Does Not Go Well


There are two kinds of people… Those who eat at Olive Garden, and Italians. However, the latter has the advantage of years of intensive tomato-based sauce and pasta training by an Italian grandma.

Buzzfeed, knowing that Italian grandmas have very particular palates and no inner monologue, sat a few of them down to try some of The Garden’s signature “dishes.”

The result is what you might expect. Except for one pair of grandmas, who seemed to enjoy everything. Although their accents are a little suspect. Please enjoy…

[link, via Neatorama]

How To Eat Corn On The Cob Using A Power Drill


Today, June 11th, is National Corn on the Cob Day. And, since there’s only 24 hours in any given food holiday, you’ll want to consume your corn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thankfully, Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning thought ahead, and prepped their cobs accordingly. By attaching their corn on the cob to a power drill, they race to see who can finish first.

Preparing the corn “California Style,” which requires a slathering of mayonnaise, butter and chili powder, ensures that this contest will be a hot mess. Please watch this, and enjoy your celebratory cobs today.