Embroidered Leaves With Hanging Felted Vegetables


Need some fun vegetable decor to hang around the house? Consider this cool embroidery project by Veselka Bulkan of Green Accordion.

Veselka came up with a creative way to use an embroidery hoop, by only utilizing part of it. Embroidered greens give way to hanging felted carrots and radishes. See more of her work here.



[link, via Colossal]

Watch These Kids Get Vegetables For Halloween Instead of Candy


It’s Halloween… So, kids want their candy and they want it right damn now! But what if a few precocious costumed kids were given vegetables and vegetable-flavored treats instead?

Crest wanted to find out, and the results are what you might expect, but no less hilarious.


Biodegradable Vegetable Utensils


To help bring attention to the idea of using plant-based materials to make everyday items, product designer Qiyun Deng created Graft. The series includes tableware that resembles various vegetables — acting as a reminder that you’re using a biodegradable utensil made from plants.

Although the series is only a concept, created for Deng’s diploma project, Graft may receive enough attention to get it into mass production.

However, we’re going to need some sort of spork included. May I suggest it resemble a fig, and we call it a “fork?” I’m open to suggestions. See more here.




[link, via Colossal]

Why Does Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell Funny?


The taste of asparagus can be wonderful. The way asparagus makes your pee smell… Not so much. So, why does the slender green veggie give our urine the stinkies? Well, according to this video by BytesizeScience, it’s actually not the asparagus’ fault, but rather has to do with the genetics of the eater.

Great… Something else to blame your parents for. Thanks for making my pee smell, Mom!

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Graffiti Created With Rotten Fruits and Vegetables


Brazilian graffiti artist Narcelio Grud recently left his spray paint cans at home, and instead used decomposing fruits and vegetables to create his urban art.

The project and short film Tropical Hungry sees Grud scour for leftovers at local markets. Grud then collects and separates his produce/paint by color, finds a blank wall, and gets to work. See the process in the video below.

[link via PSFK]