The Cut, A Stop-Motion Animation of Cross-Sectioned Fruits and Vegetables


The next time we’re doing something as mundane as slicing fruits and vegetables, perhaps we should take a second to appreciate what’s going on inside.

Photographer Carl Pendle is not only aware of the beauty hidden in the cross-sections of fruits and vegetables, but he created The Cut — a stop-motion film that shows the process of exposing fruit’s and vegetable’s innards, set to a sick beat. Check it out, and perhaps it’ll to get you in the mood to slice stuff.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

The Light Inside, A Photo Series of Glowing Fruits and Vegetables


Brought to us by Romanian photographer Radu Zaciu, The Light Inside is a wonderful photo series of glowing fruits and vegetables.

Created by placing a light source inside pieces of produce, the project was inspired by the German word for ‘lightbulb’ (glühbirne) — which translates to ‘glowing pear.’

The result is a surreal photo series that often resembles a painting, X-Ray, or planet. Check out more below, or over at Zaciu’s Flickr site.






[link, via Junk Culture]

Encourage Kids To Play With, Possibly Eat Their Vegetables With ‘Open Toys’


If you’re having trouble getting the kids to eat any fruits or vegetables, Open Toys might be able to help.

The 3D-printable accessories will transform that produce into airplanes, submarines, and hovercrafts. Perhaps after playing with an apple and carrot long enough, they’ll work up an appetite, and eat their vehicle.

Open Toys are unfortunately not available for sale, but the templates to print your own can be found here. Just in case you have a finicky eater, some produce, and a 3D printer .


opentoys-5 opentoys-6


[link, via Colossal]

Skitchen, Fruits and Vegetables Skateboard and Kickflip Through The Kitchen


Skitchen, a food photography series by Paris-based artist and photographer Benoit Jammes, brings us into the secret sporting life of fruits and vegetables.

When no one is around to see it, various forms of produce nosegrind and kickflip through the kitchen. Whether it’s a banana grinding down a rolling pin, or a potato ollie — the produce appears to be having a good time, before they’re literally shredded and consumed.







[link, via Whudat]

Anatomical Illustrations Created With Fruits and Vegetables


For anyone looking for a new appreciation of the human form and produce… look no further than these works by illustrator Dan Cretu.

Taking inspiration from vintage anatomy illustrations, Cretu uses the texture and form of fruits and vegetables to create musculature.

The result may inspire the viewer to look at the human form a bit differently, or make you want a salad.





[link, via designtaxi]