Minion Twinkies Are Adorable, Creme-Filled


Have you ever noticed how much the Minions from Despicable Me look just like Twinkies? Elise from My Cupcake Addiction thinks so, and she’s armed with creme-filled treats and piping bags.

Elise takes us through the process of making Minion Twinkies. Not only are they adorable and appear fun to make, but they’re probably easier to understand than actual Minions. Everyone understands sponge cake.


Twinkie Me, Bitch!: Breaking Bad Meets Vintage Twinkies Comics


Breaking Bad is no longer, and Twinkies are sort of in limbo. So, a big thanks to artist Brendan Tobin for resurrecting the two, with Twinkie Me, Bitch!.

The short story, inspired by vintage Hostess comic book ads, combines the recently retired TV show and the imperishable yellow sponge cake into a brilliant spoof.

Coincidentally, there’s about the same amount of lethal chemicals in Twinkies as there are in meth — so, the ending is fully plausible. Well done, sir.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

How To Make Your Own Twinkies

So, by now you’ve probably heard… Hostess is broke, leaving an uncertain future for its line of beloved snack cakes. However, before you start hoarding boxes of Twinkies… Why not consider making your own brand of the yellowish creme-filled sponge cake at home?

Sure, the recipe by Instructables member scoochmaroo won’t have all of those twelve-syllable ingredients from the Hostess version. And, unlike the now defunct Twinkie, your homemade version probably won’t survive a nuclear holocaust. However, they will be oblong, yellow, and have convenient creme holes. So, you’ll never have to wonder how they got the filling in there — since you’ll be doing the honors yourself. Recipe here.


Twinkie Ingredient Opera

It’s no secret that Twinkies have more than a few ingredients. What should be a bit more of a surprise, is that Wendy Williams still has a show, and recently featured a Twinkie Ingredient Opera. Mezzo-soprano Hai-Ting Chinn sings the seemingly endless list of ingredients contained in the indestructible snack food.

I lasted about two minutes. Let me know how it ends.

[via The Awesomer]