Sriracha Respirator by The Oatmeal


Recently, a few residents of Irwindale, California complained about hot chili-laced fumes in the air from Sriracha’s new nearby manufacturing plant.

Unsurprisingly, The Oatmeal has a solution to help make the air in Irwindale tolerable, and avoid any further motion to shut Sriracha down. Enter, The Oatmeal Respirator — Srirachalypse avoided. Thanks, Matthew!!


Tasting Play-Doh: Expectation vs Reality


As kids, we couldn’t help ourselves… Play-Doh forced us to create fake burgers and spaghetti made of the stuff. And, with the bright colors and non-threatening smell, some Doh was gonna to get eaten.

The Oatmeal puts this experience and sad reality check into perspective.


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Sriracha Flamethrower Grizzly

When the supplier of some of the best material on the internet continues his obsession with grizzly bears and the greatest of condiments — we get Sriracha Flamethrower Grizzly. A new print by The Oatmeal, it’s available as a 19″ x 27″ print at The Oatmeal’s shop, to help make any room of the house awesomer.

[link, via The Awesomer]

Dear Cracker Jack…

The Oatmeal pens another open letter to a disappointing food item. This time Cracker Jack Caramel Popcorn feels the wrath, after years of subpar prizes and the same inedible candy.

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A Love Letter To Sriracha

The Oatmeal is at it again. This time with a heartfelt love letter to the greatest condiment in recorded history — sriracha.

The full love letter can be found here. Thanks The Oatmeal.