The Watermelon Tent, For The Juiciest Camping Possible


If your current camping tent is not hunger-inducing enough, or it doesn’t attract enough bears, the What A Melon Tent is here to help.

Created by Field Candy — purveyors of uber-cool food-themed tents — the What A Melon will surely get some second looks from other curious campers. And bears… Don’t forget the bears. Happy camping and good luck.

[link, via Fancy]

Food Tents Will Help You Camp In Style

If you’re in need of some attention at your next campout, or would like to proclaim your food love to your fellow scout leaders — Field Candy is here to help. The UK-based tent designer has a full line of creative camping tents — from animal prints and commissioned art, to various foodstuffs.

And think about how a giant sandwich in the middle of the woods could help keep the bears away.

[link, via Food Republic]