The Kwik-E-Mart Reusable Shopping Bag


If you need to grab a few expired hot dogs and a six-pack of Duff — there’s not a more suitable vessel for carrying your goods, than the Kwik-E-Mart Reusable Bag.

In honor of The Simpsons’ favorite convenience store, the 100% polyester shopping bag will hold up to 15 liters of goods.

Saying no to non-recyclable plastic bags will also help save the planet, so you won’t eventually have to live in a giant glass dome. Thank you, come again.




Famous Chunkies, Pop Culture Characters Get Fat


Our favorite pop culture icons always seem to remain in perfect shape. But what if they, like actual people, were to let themselves go? Let’s find out, shall we?

Famous Chunkies, brought to us by artist Alex Solis, is a fun cartoon series that provides a visual of some fattened-up pop culture icons. Poor fat Spider-Man will hardly be able to do whatever a spider can now, while Darth Vader apparently discovered the Death Star food court.

And, Captain America… Let’s just say he’s never looked more American. See more below, and the entire series here.









TV Dinners, An Illustration Series of Fictional Meals From Television and Movies


TV Dinners is a fun illustration series by artist Kyle Platts. It’s part of a project by Food Republic that asks artists to “dream up a fantasy restaurant, then devise a menu for it.”

London-based Platts chose to visualize a few fictional foods from television and movies. Whether a McDowell’s combo meal from Coming To America, or a yummy stallion heart from Game of Thrones — the drawings might make you yearn for some cartoon grub while you queue up some Netflix.







[via Food Republic]

The Game of Thrones Kaleesi Burger


Mother of dragons, that’s a nice burger!! The Kaleesi Burger is inspired by Game of Thrones and Daenerys Targaryen — the kaleesi (wife) of Khal Drogo and the “Mother of Dragons.”

Brought to us by PornBurger, the stack consists of a 12-grain bun, shiitake mushroom ‘bacon’, beet gratin, and Red Dragon cheese. Fit for any wedding — red or purple.


Pop Culture Popsicles

pop_culture_popsicles_1Take a big bite of some pop culture, with this illustration series by artist Andrew Heath. Pop Culture Popsicles is made up of 50 pop culture icons, deliciously rendered as popsicles.

Prints of each frozen head will be available to purchase at the 2014 Lexington Comic & Toy Con.

pop_culture_popsicles_2 pop_culture_popsicles_3 pop_culture_popsicles_4 pop_culture_popsicles_5


[link, via The Awesomer]