Ramen Sushi


Why be traditional and use boring rice for your sushi, when ninety-nine cents and some boiling water will get you Ramen Sushi?

The Vulgar Chef realizes this, and wraps his raw fish with budget noodles and bacon for good measure. See the technique and recipe here.



Sushi Socks Will Wrap Your Feet In Style


Wrap your feet in style with Sushi Socks. Designed to look like your favorite raw fish roll, the comfy socks will help show off your sushi love from your hands down to your feet.

Sushi Socks are available in a variety of fish. Get them all and create a platter in your sock drawer.





[link, via Boing Boing]

Sushi Nails Are A Thing, Unsurprisingly In Japan


Not content with waiting for it to pass by on the conveyor belt and ingest it, women in Japan are now wearing sushi all the time.

Sushi nail art is a thing in Japan… just sit in front of your nail lady and request the makicure.

[link, via That's Nerdalicious]

Spicy Tuna Roll Corn Dog Is Your New Fancy Food on a Stick


If you can believe it, sushi on a stick is a thing. However, a spicy tuna roll has never been battered and fried to look like a corn dog before. At least not to Foodiggity’s knowledge, and we keep tabs on important stuff like this.

The Spicy Tuna Corn Dog is brought to us by Culinary Bro-Down. Check out the recipe for this food-on-a-stick upgrade and others over at their site.



[link, via Thrillist]

Sushi Luggage Covers Will Help You Stand Out In Baggage Claim


The problem with claiming your luggage at the airport — besides the long wait, mass of impatient people, and the chance that your bags aren’t even in the same country you’re currently in — is that even if they do arrive, they’re hard to tell apart from all the others.

Sushi Luggage Covers are here to help solve this problem. Not only will the polyester covers protect your precious and nondescript baggage, but it’ll make them easily recognizable twirling along the luggage carousel.







[link, via Rocket24 News]