Fancy Food Hats of Sushi, Salads, Pie, and A Fried Egg


Food-Inspired Wool Fascinators are brought to us by Maor Zabar. The foodie headgear is handmade using felted wool — available in sushi, frying egg in a pan, a bowl of salad, and pie.

Eggs Pie Salad

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Japanese Chef Makes Incredibly Tiny Pieces of Sushi


A Japanese chef, Hironori Ikeno, creates minuscule pieces of sushi using very small cuts of fish and one grain of rice.

What started as a joke, quickly turned into a challenge of how small Ikeno could make his pieces of raw fish and rice. Now the joke is watching customers pay actual money for the microscopic pieces of octopus, tamago, and otoro. Please watch the video below…


[via First We Feast and Grub Street]

Sushi Transformers


If you thought playing with a building that transforms into a robot looked like fun… How about a fish that transforms into a piece of sushi?

Brought to us by Bandai, Gyakusaisei Motomodoru Sushimodoru is a line of Japanese ‘toys’ that start out as a food item, and can be changed into their inevitable sushi form. They’ll be available via toy/gumball machines for about two-dollars a piece.

Just try to curb your child’s enthusiasm, as they anticipate which sushi piece will randomly pop out of the machine – tuna sushi, ikura (salmon eggs), squid, kappa-maki (cucumber) or tamago(egg).


[link, via Gizmodo]

Sushi Chef Rolls Up Awesome Illustrations


Using rice and seaweed as his medium, sushi chef Tama-chan rolls up beautiful illustrations. Keep in mind that the patterns must be carried all the way through the sushi roll and fully-realized before they’re rolled and sliced. Awesome work.




[link, via TAXI]

Behold The Sushi Tank


Sure, regular sushi is great. But you can’t mount a decent offensive at the sushi bar with a California roll. The Sushi Tank was created by restaurant Kurisakiya in honor of Japanese anime Girls und Panzer.

Order an entire fleet of Sushi Tanks and completely wipe out the California roll-eaters at the next table.



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