Sushi Luggage Covers Will Help You Stand Out In Baggage Claim


The problem with claiming your luggage at the airport — besides the long wait, mass of impatient people, and the chance that your bags aren’t even in the same country you’re currently in — is that even if they do arrive, they’re hard to tell apart from all the others.

Sushi Luggage Covers are here to help solve this problem. Not only will the polyester covers protect your precious and nondescript baggage, but it’ll make them easily recognizable twirling along the luggage carousel.







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Sushi Transformers, Assemble!


As we all know… There are few things that are more fun to play with than sushi. Big Bad Toy Store knows this, and brings us the Sushi Squadron Shirada.

The sushi transformers start off as a Maki roll or piece of Nigiri, then transform into a fierce warrior with a weapon. Their raw fish shields will certainly come in handy against an attack of giant chopsticks and wasabi bombs. Available for pre-order here






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Conveyor Belt Sushi Toy Set


Conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司 or “kaiten zushi”) is a very fun and convenient way to have a traditional Japanese meal. But a restaurant equipped with sushi roads is sometimes hard to come by. Something called Super Seizing At Home Conveyor Sushi is here to get you on the fast track.

What could easily be considered just a toy, and your kid’s introduction to conveyor belt sushi – it could also be assembled at the grown-up table, or all around the dining room to impress your friends. Especially if you can pull-off the sushi loop de loop*

*not included, and may or may not exist.




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Fancy Food Hats of Sushi, Salads, Pie, and A Fried Egg


Food-Inspired Wool Fascinators are brought to us by Maor Zabar. The foodie headgear is handmade using felted wool — available in sushi, frying egg in a pan, a bowl of salad, and pie.

Eggs Pie Salad

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Japanese Chef Makes Incredibly Tiny Pieces of Sushi


A Japanese chef, Hironori Ikeno, creates minuscule pieces of sushi using very small cuts of fish and one grain of rice.

What started as a joke, quickly turned into a challenge of how small Ikeno could make his pieces of raw fish and rice. Now the joke is watching customers pay actual money for the microscopic pieces of octopus, tamago, and otoro. Please watch the video below…


[via First We Feast and Grub Street]