Whole Fish Sushi Exists


When small intricately-cut pieces of fish in your sushi just won’t do, there’s now a trend of whole-fish sushi going on in Japan.

Referred to as iwashi, the Japanese word for sardine, the sushi roll is being offered by Japanese restaurant chain, Kurazushi, and contains the whole fish wrapped in rice and seaweed, with Japanese basil and grated plum.

Sushi etiquette has yet to include the proper technique for eating a sushi roll with the head and tail intact. Our guess is to flip a coin and dive in.


[via First We Feast]

Babies Can Now Be Rolled Up To Look Like Sushi, Egg Rolls


It’s true that swaddled newborns look just like little burritos, and Burrito swaddling blanket sets only make it more so. Now, babies can get a bit more creative with their swaddling attire.

Bon Vivant Baby, wanting your newborn to be as stylish as possible, has created a new line of food-related blanket sets. The Lil’ Sushi Swaddle Blanket Set will wrap your baby up in seaweed, and a roe and rice hat.

There’s also a Lil’ Egg Roll Swaddling Set, and the aforementioned Burrito. Either way, your baby will be wrapped up tight, looking adorable/delicious.





[link, via Rocket News 24]

Hamster Bartenders and Sushi Chefs Are The Cutest


Hamsters are the cutest. And, when they try to be people, the adorbz is off the charts. Twitter user Kawanabesatou knows this, and has created a series of his hamsters posing as bartenders and sushi chefs. Two sakis, rodent!




[link, via Laughing Squid]

Watch This Sushi Conveyor Belt Become A DJ Booth


Sitting at a traditional sushi restaurant can be awfully quiet, and there’s hardly ever any techno to help get the sushi party started.

Red Bull, with help from hip-hop producer Just Blaze and L.A. DJ TOKiMONSTA, created a fully-functional sequencer from an existing sushi conveyor belt. Using the actual sushi that’s slowly making its way along the track, the plate’s colors trigger its own sick beat. Sushi party, started.

[link, via First We Feast]

Space Sushi Launches Raw Fish and Rice Into The Hemispheres and Beyond


Space Sushi is a Twitter account that appears to exist for no other reason, other than to show raw fish and rice dangling in space.

The fictional government agency displays all kinds of makis and hand rolls above the stratosphere. No mention of what the point of all this is… but it does make me want a sushi lunch while watching 2001: A Space Odyssey.





[link, via BoingBoing]