Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block


If you need to slice a pepper, cut bread, or attack a large space station, the Star Wars X-Wing Knife Block is here to help.

Luke’s spaceship of choice includes a cook’s knife, bread knife, carving knife, utility knife, and paring knife. Targeting computer and the dead jedi voice to help you cut, not included.

x-wing-fighter-knives-2 x-wing-fighter-knives-3



Tauntaun Cuts Breaks Down The Beast’s Primal Parts and Comfy Belly


Here at Foodiggity, we’re big fans of butcher diagrams. Even if the animal being segmented may or may not actually exist.

So, Tauntaun Cuts is right up our alley. Brought to us by Super7Store, the handy chart points out the transportation vehicle’s primal parts, as well as reminding us that its belly could be quite comfy and warm.

Tauntaun Cuts is available as a t-shirt or print.

[link, via GeekAlerts]

That’s No Moon Ale


That’s No Moon Ale is a fun t-shirt and a play on the Star Wars protagonists’ first encounter with the Death Star.

It’s also a parody of Blue Moon. Which it doesn’t take a jedi master to tell you, that’s no craft beer. T-shirt available here.


[link, via GeekAlerts]

TIE Fighter Nut Cracker Will Help Crush Walnuts, Rebellions


If you have a walnut or any other member of the nut rebellion that needs to be crushed — the Star Wars TIE Fighter Nutcracker is here to help.

Fashioned to look like the Empire’s short-range fighter of choice — all it takes is a twist of the wing to show all of the other nuts the true power of the dark side.



Star Wars Macarons, A New Hope For Dessert


There’s a new hope for dessert, with Star Wars Macarons. Brought to us by Semi Sweet Designs — a delicious Chewbacca, Death Star, and R2-D2 awaits. Assuming that you can bake and have mad piping skills.

Although, you could always practice… As versions I, II, and III never turn out good anyway.




[link, via That's Nerdalicious]