The Millennium Falcon Cake Pan’s Got It Where It Counts


If you’re looking to impress at the next bake sale, or have a few hungry wookies coming over, there’s the Millennium Falcon Cake Pan.

The 10¾” x 14″ x 2¼ silicone pan will help form any cake or enormous baked good into Han Solo’s ride. Make one to help take out all the evil cupcakes. You’re all clear to bake, kid.


[link, via technabob]

Baked Potauntauns Smell Great On The Outside


The Empire Strikes Back, the planet Hoth… Luke Skywalker narrowly escapes becoming a Wampa’s dinner, and has nearly frozen to death. Han Solo, needing a warm place to store Luke for the night, slices open his loyal Tauntaun and sticks Luke inside.

Finally, this fateful scene can be reenacted at the dinner table with Baked Potauntauns. The indiegogo project includes parts that’ll turn any baked potato into a Tauntaun. The included Lightsaber Butter Knife will help slice the beast open.

And, the best part, a butter mold that’ll help create a near-death and meltable Luke to place inside. Surely, the finished Baked Potauntaun will smell good on the inside and outside.

Although the campaign to mass produce the Potauntauns is nowhere close to its goal [c’mon people], you can find out more here.





[link, via BoingBoing]

Jabba’s Bounty, Pop Culture Characters Frozen In Chocolate Carbonite


Artist Henry Hargreaves, via his latest project Jabba’s Bounty, created two things. One, an alternate universe where Jabba The Hutt puts out a bounty on various pop culture characters. The other one is those same characters turned into edible carbonite chocolate bars.

Using some of his favorite childhood action figures, Hargreaves created molds, poured in some milk chocolate, and applied edible silver paint for the full effect.

Karma tells us that we should be seeing a Boba Fett bar. But, according to the Sarlac, he doesn’t taste so good.

jabbas-bounty-2 jabbas-bounty-3 jabbas-bounty-4 jabbas-bounty-in-process-5

[link, via First We Feast]

R2-D2 Wood-Burning Stove Is Beeping Awesome


If you’re into Star Wars-themed log burners, but you’d like to burn wood like a rebel, there’s the R2-D2 Wood Burner.

It’s brought to us by Instructables user, doddieszoomer, who also created the Darth Vader Log Burner. Made from scrap metal and welded together — R2’s eager to burn all the wood that you can fit in his belly.



[link, via Technabob]

The Millennium Falcon Pizza Has Got It Where It Counts, Kid


It may not look like much, but the Millennium Falcon Pizza has got it where it counts.

Brought to us by Redditor, VaultOfDaedalus, the sausage-stuffed-crust pizza was actually delivered this way, morphing into Han Solo’s vessel while in transit.

And remember, if a Millennium Falcon pizza isn’t delivered in 12 parsecs, it’s free.

[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]