Deep-Fried Sriracha Exists


We’ve often wondered how to mix two of the greatest things ever — sriracha and anything deep-fried — without the superfluous chicken wing or sriracha delivery-device.

Now, straight-up deep-fried sriracha is possible, with only a little help from cornbread batter. Brought to us by Oh, Bite It!the recipe keeps us from having to pour sriracha directly into the fryer. Which does not work, I’ve tried. Recipe here.




Heinz Makes Sriracha Ketchup Now


Ketchup has been the reigning king of condiments for generations now. However sriracha, due to its cult following and crippling-addictiveness, is gaining ground on ketchup. Catsup never stood a chance.

Heinz, feeling the paradigm shift in the condiment continuum, is now taking the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em approach, and has released Sriracha Ketchup. This, or course, will save time for those who are still mixing their sriracha and ketchup to put on anything that goes into their pie-hole.

For those who think sriracha IS ketchup… carry on, and keep doing what you do.

[via Cool Material]

Sriracha2Go, The Sriracha Keychain Lets You Take Your Hot Sauce Everywhere


Never lose your keys, or be without hot sauce on-the-go again, with Sriracha2Go. The handy little keychain can be filled with sriracha and conveniently clipped to your keys.

No longer will you have to go without sriracha when you’re away from home, or have to try to fit that enormous green-topped bottle in your pocket… you know who you are. It’s OK, you’re amongst friends.

Sriracha2Go ships empty, but is eager to be filled with sriracha goodness. Now available at The Foodiggity Shop.



sriracha-2-go-3 [link]

Sriracha Beer Exists


We wished for Sriracha Vodka, and the drink gods answered. Now, Sriracha Beer has arrived, delivering another beverage we never knew we needed.

Brought to us by Rogue — no stranger to unorthodox brews — the hot stout is made with the real stuff from Huy Fong. Perfect to pair up with any Asian dishes, pizza, soups… pretty much anything Sriracha goes good with. So, everything.


Sriracha Bacon Onion Rings To Rule Them All


Fact… Sriracha is the greatest condiment in recorded history. Fact… Onion rings > French Fries. Fact… Bacon is the best thing ever.

So, it only makes sense that Sriracha Bacon Onion Rings were created to rule all other side dishes and appetizers. Forged by Half Baked Cooks, a simple recipe is all that stands between you and some precious rings of your very own. That, and Bacon Gollum.