Totally Gross Soda

And you probably thought we were talking about Mountain Dew again. Totally Gross Soda is an actual line of pop by Avery’s Beverages. The seemingly disgusting flavors include titles such as; Bug Barf, Dog Drool, Kitty Piddle, and Monster Mucus.

But read the fine print, or dare to take a sip, and you’ll discover a delicious fruit-flavored beverage sweetened with cane sugar. Well then… pass me a bottle of Kitty Piddle!

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Pop vs. Soda

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Displaying an eerie similarity to America’s divide over politics, Pop vs. Soda shows the country’s preference towards how they reference their soft drinks.

So there is a good chance that those who call their Coca-Cola ‘pop’, also have a ‘Palin 2012′ bumper sticker on their pickup.

Do you ‘Go for a pop’, or ‘Have a soda’?

[via Buzzfeed]