The New Dr Pepper Is Very Manly

Since women were recently awarded their own beer by backwards-thinking marketing execs, then it only seems fair that men receive a beverage that they didn’t ask for. Enter something called Dr Pepper Ten — a ‘diet’ soft drink that packs only 10 calories into its very manly gun metal gray can.

As if having just built a treehouse, the marketing campaign hangs a rather prominent sign of “No Women Allowed”. And if the sad display of machismo seen in the ads, or the attempt to co-opt a diet soda were not embarrassing enough, Dr Pepper Ten’s Facebook page will literally not let females in. That will teach them to try to drink our low-calorie beverage!

[link, via Buzzfeed]

Ecto Cooler: Its Shady Past and Mysterious Disappearance

Anyone who grew up in the 80s probably had Ecto Cooler in their lunchbox at one time or another. Some may have even used the toxic-green beverage as currency — conducting lopsided lunchroom trades with the kid who wasn’t allowed to have sugar.

Regardless of the juice’s hypnotic and addictive properties, the backstory of Ecto Cooler is intriguing to say the least. And, the fact that it was marketed as orange/tangerine-flavored, but was fluorescent green in color, isn’t even the strangest thing about it.

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