Social Cappuccino Stencil Set


Do you like cappuccino? Or, do you hit the ‘like’ button when you see pictures of coffee?

Either way, you can give any beverage a thumbs up with the Social Cappuccino Stencil Set. If you’d rather tweet your coffee, you can do that with the included Twitter stencil. Set of 3 social stencils are available here.





Coca-Cola’s Social Media Guard Will Help Cure Your Smartphone Addiction


As hard as it is to believe, there might just be a way to cure people of their smartphone and social media addiction. And, it may be as simple as borrowing the same technology that’s used to get your dog to stop chewing on their stitches.

Coca-Cola has come up with the brilliantly spoofy Social Media Guard. Once the smartphone addict is fitted with their cone of shame, they’d seemingly be unable to continue looking down at their phone, and actually enjoy the world around them.

Of course, Coke wants us to believe that this new lust for life will involve consumption of their product — along with the occasional appreciation of a sunset, your cat, and family time.

But, before you start looking up from your phone, please like or follow Foodiggity on your social media platform of choice. Enjoy.

[link, via AdFreak]

Mashtags, Potato Snacks Shaped Like Social Media Icons


To help get your kids their carbs, and start them on their path to social media addiction, Birds Eye has unleashed Mashtags – potato snacks shaped like social media icons.

With fun shapes like hashtags, emoticons, and “at” symbols — the kids will be glued to their smartphones and ignoring you in no time.

Kids… Just be sure to follow Foodiggity on Twitter and Facebook. We’re #awesome.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Twitter Cake


After the success of her previous social media-related cake, Ann from How To Cook That is back with the Twitter Cake.

Although the process of creating one is a bit involved — a sweet logo awaits once the cake is cut into. Please RT, and try to keep yours under 140 calories.


Self-Absorbed: An Artist Reinvents The ‘Selfie’ By Rebranding Products With His Own Picture


Fed up with the self-taken pictures and “look at me” mentality of some social media users, artist Mike Mellia has responded with a fun series of guerilla art, and his own version of the dreaded “selfie.”

In his series, Self-Absorbed, Mellia uses pictures of himself to rebrand and repackage some well-known products — then places them in supermarkets, bodegas and people’s homes around New York to act his own “status update.”

With our self-portraits shared through social media, everyone now creates their own ‘brand’,” he said. “This product placement project reimagines some of the most famous branding icons in American advertising.”



[link, via Fast Co. Create]