Cookie Monster Performs Tom Waits’ ‘Hell Broke Luce’


Tom Waits sounds like Cookie Monster. So a video of Cookie Monster lip-syncing Waits’ Hell Broke Luce needed to happen. Enjoy.

[thanks, Matt]

Breakfast Cereal Big Bird

If Presidential candidate Mitt Romney gets his way, there will no longer be a subsidy to the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), and therefore no Sesame Street and Big Bird. Thankfully, mosaic artist Jason Mercier wants to keep the big yellow Sesame Street character’s spirit alive — just in case mean old Mitt kills him off. And, what better way to depict Big Bird than with an assortment of sugar-filled children’s breakfast cereal. Take that, bird killer.


Cookie Monster’s Cookie Recipe

Cookie Monster knows a thing or two about cookies. So when he takes a break from stuffing his face, and offers up his recipe for sugar cookie dough, we should take note.

The recipe dates back to the 70s, when it first appeared in¬†Big Bird’s Busy Book. Although Cookie narrates the intro in his brand of broken English, the recipe is surprisingly thorough and precise. Make ‘em round, or go ninja!

[link, via The Kitchn]

If Cookie Monster Was An Actual Cookie Monster

Imagine if Cookie Monster was actually what his name implies — a cookie-eating beast that scared the crap out of kids, rather than teach them the alphabet.¬†Artist John Cherevka reimagines the beloved muppet, sans blue shag and ping pong ball eyes.

[link, via Buzzfeed]