Artist Creates Plaster Versions of Everything He’s Eaten Over The Past Year


What appears to be nothing more than an exercise in minimalist food art, is actually a pretty intense project by Israeli-Dutch artist Itamar Gilboa.

The Food Chain Project is a pop-up art installation, that is not only an extensive collection of food and drinks sculpted in plaster, but is representative of everything the artist had consumed over a period of 365 days.

Over 8,000 items are represented in stark white, and is meant to call attention to global food issues. All of the food items are on sale, with proceeds donated to organizations such as FairFood International and Youth Food Movement.




[link, via Junk Culture]

An Anamorphic Sculpture of Big Ben Made From Biscuits and Chocolate


Look, kids… Big Ben, Parliament! However, this Big Ben is not what it seems. Sugar artist Michelle Wibowo, of Michelle Sugar Art, created what’s being called the first anamorphic food art, with Big Ben Made From Biscuits and Chocolate.

Viewed from the side, several British landmarks are represented in confectionaries. However, when looking at the sculpture through the provided frame, they all come together to create the unmistakable clock tower.

The sculpture was created for the ‘Unexpected Cooking’ event at the Aéroville Shopping Centre in Paris. Great, if you can get left.





How To Make A Beautiful Metal Sculpture With A Watermelon


If you’ve been wanting to create an awesome metal sculpture, and you have a watermelon and some molten aluminum laying around… here’s a fun video for you.

The Watermelon Metal Sculpture was created, unintentionally, by the Backyard Scientist. By pouring liquid metal into a watermelon, he was expecting to create an exploding watermelon video. The result instead, was a pretty cool piece of metal art.

Why did this happen? Don’t ask me… I’m no backyard scientist. Watch this video.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

These Miniature Food Models Are Deliciously Adorable


What is it about miniature food, even when it’s not edible, that makes it so fun to look at? When it’s created by master miniaturist, Shay Aaron, it’s even more appealing, and demands to be eaten… even if it’s made from polymer.

Miniature cakes, pizza earrings, and full plates of breakfast are recreated to look just like the real thing. And, if there wasn’t something placed in the photo for scale, you’d think you could actually grab it and eat it. But, please don’t… remember the polymer.

The mini-food is available at Aaron’s Etsy shop in jewelry form and other fun ways to enjoy small food.






[link, via designtaxi]

Repurposed Soda and Juice Bottles Made Into Awesome Plant Sculptures


Instead of filling a recycling tub with empty PET plastic bottles, artist Veronika Richterová repurposes them into plant sculptures.

Using mostly the green bottles used to contain ginger ale and Mountain Dew, Veronika cuts and molds empties into wonderful sculptures of cacti, trees and other various plants.

The plastic lemon tree is particularly resourceful and awesome.





[link, via Colossal]