Donald Trump Carved Out Of A Circus Peanut

photo: Lauren Garfinkel

Regardless of your political affiliation, or how you feel about billionaire real estate moguls, you cannot deny that Donald Trump is often a strange shade of orange.

Artist Lauren Garfinkel agrees, and has taken advantage of Trump’s unfortunate hue, by sculpting him from a circus peanut. The Donald Trump Circus Peanut is only part of Lauren’s Edible Government project — but it’s surely the one that’ll make the most headlines. Just like that silly orange guy.

[link, via Food and Wine]

Extraordinary Coffee Art Uses The Drink, The Beans, and The Brewed Grounds


We’ve certainly seen our share of coffee art lately. However, Indonesian artist Ghidaq al-Nizar is using his morning brew in all of its forms.

Whether it’s in liquid form, or using just-brewed beans, Ghidaq creates beautiful paintings and sculptures, not wasting any part of the brewing process. The project is appropriately tagged #zerowastecoffee, and you can see more of the project at Coffeetopia on Instagram.

coffetopia-2 coffetopia-3




[link, via Mental Floss]

An Awesome Dragon Carved From A Watermelon


Just in time for summer, and while Game of Thrones is still fresh in our noggins, here comes one of the greatest watermelon sculptures ever.

Brought to us by artist, Valeriano Fatica, the Watermelon Dragon emerges from its fruit-shell so convincingly, that it will surely be able to scare off the bravest of hobbit, or to just have a picnic with the Khaleesi. See more below.




[link, via Bored Panda]

Arm Yourself With A Venus de Wino Wine Stopper


Want a fancy and statuesque way to cover and protect your opened wine? The Venus de Wino Wine Stopper should be plugging your bottle.

The resin and cork wine stopper, despite her lack of arms, gets the job done. Your new Goddess of Love will look great at any party, and will make you look like you’re really into art… and drinking.

Resin and cork. Classic. Armless. New at The Foodiggity Shop.



Spilled Coffee Art Is A Wonderful Accident


When you spill your coffee… Does it just look like, you know, a spill?

It’s OK, we can’t all be artists like Giulia Bernardelli, who sees spilled coffee as an opportunity. The best part is, her coffee paintings are done spontaneously, meaning that Giulia does not plan these ahead of time, and uses whatever means are available to draw with.

See more below and over at Instagram.







[link, via Bored Panda]