Watch This Guy Cook A Complete Breakfast Using A Toy Kitchen


Cooking a good breakfast can be challenging. Especially if you’re attempting to do so in a miniature kitchen.

YouTube member AAAjoken is up to the challenge — creating a full egg, sausage, and coffee breakfast using nothing but miniature utensils, cookware, and appliances.

The stove itself is part of the toy line, Konapun, which usually makes fake food from plastic kitchens. However this stove, scaled down to toy-size, is fully-functional. Watch as this guy makes the most important, albeit very small, meal of the day.

[link, via Neatorama and Nag on The Lake]

Sausage, A Cute Animated Short Film About Dueling Street Food Vendors


Sausage is a short animated film by Robert Grieves. It begins adorably with two street-food vendors — one selling hand-reared sausage, the other with freshly-baked artisan breads.

It isn’t until a new mustache-twirling food vendor moves in and starts stealing their customers, that the two have to get creative in order to survive. Then, with a little help from sausage sandwiches and innuendo, the plans of the bad guy are thwarted. Sausage sandwiches solve everything.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Cute Little Sausage People Could Soon Be Taking Over Your Lunch


Whether you find these little sausage people cute or creepy is no matter… They are currently a hot food trend in Japan. And, if we’ve learned anything about food trends, is that they usually last forever, if not longer.

Officially called ‘so-se-jin’, a play on the Japanese words for ‘sausage’ (so-se-ji) and ‘people’ (jin) — they’re created with a few simple cuts, and when cooked, will form arms and the expression of your choice.

I, for one, welcome our new sausage overlords. And you should consider including them in lunch to instantly add some adorbz. Or, to freak out the kids.



[via Rocket News 24]