Recipe Ingredients In Mid-Air Make Reading Fun


Traditional recipes are great. But sometimes, we just don’t feel like reading, with all those words and all. Visual recipes are where it’s at, and they don’t get much more enjoyable to follow than Recipes by artist Nora Luther.

The photo series depicts a fully-realized meal, deconstructs it, and then sends the ingredients airborne — showing your next meal mid-flight.

Recipes are fun again. And, no reading… yay!






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Recipe Tattoos, For When You Need To Cheat At Cooking


Traditional cookbooks are so over, and you’re probably a fan of crib notes. I Tradizionali is a fun project created by Marina Cinciripini and Sarah Richiuso. 

The series consists of recipes that can be applied to the body as temporary tattoos. It’s the perfect way to sneakingly reference your info, without missing a beat at the stove.

I Tradizionali currently contains only a few tattoos, including ‘Grandmother’s Artichokes’ and ‘Spaghetti with Dry Tomatoes and Anchovies.’ The project is currently seeking funds for more recipes and mass-production over at Eppela



[link, via First We Feast]

How To Make Doritos Consommé

Consommé is just a fancy way of saying ‘clear soup.’ So, let’s take it down a notch by making a batch that’s flavored with Doritos. Brought to us by Lauren Shockey over at CHOW, Doritos Consommé uses a traditional process to make the clear soup, with extremely untraditional and awesome results.

Please watch…

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How To Make Your Own Twinkies

So, by now you’ve probably heard… Hostess is broke, leaving an uncertain future for its line of beloved snack cakes. However, before you start hoarding boxes of Twinkies… Why not consider making your own brand of the yellowish creme-filled sponge cake at home?

Sure, the recipe by Instructables member scoochmaroo won’t have all of those twelve-syllable ingredients from the Hostess version. And, unlike the now defunct Twinkie, your homemade version probably won’t survive a nuclear holocaust. However, they will be oblong, yellow, and have convenient creme holes. So, you’ll never have to wonder how they got the filling in there — since you’ll be doing the honors yourself. Recipe here.


How To Make Realistic Brains For Halloween or to Fake Out Zombies

Two things that are inevitable… Halloween arriving on October 31, and the zombie apocalypse. Be ready for both with a recipe for fake brains. Brought to us by the makers of Resident Evil: Retribution, the faux brains should help gross out a few friends at your Halloween bash, or could act as an effective decoy for the walking dead.

Although it’s not recommended that you consume an entire fake brain — the main ingredient of sorbitol, although edible, isn’t great for the digestive tract — the texture and appearance is spot-on. So stay safe, survive, and Happy Halloween. Full recipe can be found here.

And, if you’d like some matching ice cubes, or just need a brain mold, there’s Brain Freeze Ice Trays.

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