This Japanese Print Ad is Probably for Oranges


The best way to advertise for a particular product… Replace all of that boring and time-consuming copy with the item that you’re trying to push. That’s exactly what a Japanese newspaper did, using meticulously dissected and placed orange parts to tell the story — probably about oranges.

The ad is specifically for Mikan Oranges, Japan’s most popular version of the fruit, and was made to help reinforce the product’s availability. Assuming that there were some oranges left afterwards.


[via TAXI]

The Various Varieties of Vegetables


Do you know your vegetables? You might think that you’re a know-it-all because you can tell the difference between chard and kale… But do you know all of your subvarieties of cabbage, or that something called ‘Celtuce’ exists?

Pop Chart Lab knows its veggies, and proves it in poster form with The Various Varieties of Vegetables. From cucumbers specifically for slicing to your tuberous roots, the poster has it all covered. It might even inspire you to get your daily serving of vegetables that the silly pyramid is always telling us we need. Get in the know with a copy of the poster here.



Things You Could Accomplish After Just One More Cup of Coffee


Coffee… It helps get us going in the morning and makes us a little less stabby. But what could we accomplish if we were to have just one more cup? Artists David Soames and Aaron Jay have explored the concept with Just One More Cup — a poster available to purchase at Society6.

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Coke Magazine Ad That Turns Into an iPhone Dock

Remember when the most activity you’d get from a magazine ad was it smelling of cheap perfume? Well, now they turn into iPhone docks. Brought to us by Coca-Cola Brazil, the ad placed in Capricho Magazine allows subscribers to roll it up, dock their iPhone and use it as an amplifier. The ad is to help celebrate Coca-Cola.FM‘s 1st birthday.

[link, via The Awesomer]