The Bacon Stanley Cup Is The Ultimate Prize


With the Stanley Cup playoffs upon us, fans will be growing out their mullets and playoff beards, and stuff like the Bacon Stanley Cup will happen.

Brought to us by Bar Brutus in Montreal, the replica of Lord Stanley’s Cup replaces silver with yummy pork fat, and is ready for the Canadiens’ playoff run.

Don’t be surprised if the Habs tank in the first round of the playoffs, knowing that a bacon trophy is waiting for them.

[link, via Mental Floss]

Burger Porn Of The Day Has Creamed Corn and Pork Belly


Pornburger’s latest entry into the enticing world of burger porn is very high and full of belly.

Creamed Porn starts with a sesame seed bun — followed by cheddar cheese, creamed corn, cold smoked tomato, pickled okra, crispy watercress, pea sprout, and mustard green aioli. This is all atop a grass fed beef and pork belly patty.


So, What’s Really In A McRib?


Anyone who’s been stopping by Foodiggity over the past few years, already knows that we hold a special place in our heart for the McDonald’s McRib.

Not that I’d actually ingest one… it’s just that the sandwich, which I once referred to as ‘McDonald’s most egregious acts of culinary terrorism,’ provides wonderful material for a website such as ours.

Now, after some controversy arose from what looked like fiberglass insulation being identified as a pre-cooked McRib, McDonald’s took action to help dispel the McConspiracy.

Recently, McDonald’s actually invited a few skeptics to their pork processing center to see how a McRib is made. And, to Foodiggity’s and anyone who’s ever seen a McRib’s surprise — there is actually some quality pork involved, and no fiberglass anywhere. Still do not want.


Finally, A Motorcycle That Runs On Bacon


Sure, most meat-eaters and food culture blogs such as this one are fueled by bacon. Now, there’s a motorcycle worthy of any pork-lover or Foodiggity, with the Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle.

Brought to us by EVA Products BV, the 800cc three-cylinder diesel engine runs on 100% biodiesel, in the form of pork grease.

The best part, besides the pigskin seat, is for anyone driving behind the baconcycle, as its exhaust smells of cooked bacon.



[link, via Hi Consumption]

Epics Grinds, Ground Meat Sculptures At The Market


Epic Grinds is a Tumblr blog that documents the meat sculptures of grocery store worker Kieran Gormley. The sculptures’ subjects range from various creatures, to a few pop culture characters — all ready to be brought home and reshaped into an unfortunate meat loaf.

The meaty art is constantly on display at Gormley’s market, Uwajimaya, in Seattle.






[link, via Neatorama]