Finally, A Motorcycle That Runs On Bacon


Sure, most meat-eaters and food culture blogs such as this one are fueled by bacon. Now, there’s a motorcycle worthy of any pork-lover or Foodiggity, with the Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueled Motorcycle.

Brought to us by EVA Products BV, the 800cc three-cylinder diesel engine runs on 100% biodiesel, in the form of pork grease.

The best part, besides the pigskin seat, is for anyone driving behind the baconcycle, as its exhaust smells of cooked bacon.



[link, via Hi Consumption]

Epics Grinds, Ground Meat Sculptures At The Market


Epic Grinds is a Tumblr blog that documents the meat sculptures of grocery store worker Kieran Gormley. The sculptures’ subjects range from various creatures, to a few pop culture characters — all ready to be brought home and reshaped into an unfortunate meat loaf.

The meaty art is constantly on display at Gormley’s market, Uwajimaya, in Seattle.






[link, via Neatorama]

Beautifully Illustrated Meat T-Shirts

What better way to show some meat love, and piss off a few vegans, than with a Meat Tee by artist Yuko Sekine? The various cuts are hand-drawn by Sekine, and can be displayed rather largely on the torso of any carnivore.

Segue alert: You can also show some food love in t-shirt form, with a few tees from The Foodiggity Shop. All tees are only $10 for the rest of the summer. And, some are a bit more vegan-friendly.

[link, via Tasteologie]

The BBBBQ: The Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival

An actual BBBBQ is upon us… The Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival 2012 continues, and hits New York City on January 28. With 60 beers, 40 bourbons, and plenty of pork products and other Southern fare to sample, it’s fun for all. Tickets are still available.

Foodiggity will be well-represented there, and might even have a few tickets to give away shortly. Stay tuned, and hopefully we’ll see you there — I’ll be the one eating pork.

Foodiggity’s T-Shirt Tuesday

To get the party started over at the Foodiggity Shop, we’ve began a weekly promotion called T-Shirt Tuesday. Simply hit the Foodiggity Shop any Tuesday, apply coupon code ‘tshirt2‘ during checkout, and instantly save two bucks on every shirt in your cart. And, orders of four shirts or more get free shipping.

So swing by, check ‘em out, and thanks for stopping by. Foodiggity likes you too.