Minor League Baseball Team Unveils The Frankenslice, A Pizza With Hot Dogs In The Crust


It’s one of the hardest decisions we have to make… whether to have a hot dog or pizza at the ballpark. The Frankenslice is here to help.

Brought to us by the Triple-A Fresno Grizzlies, the food hybrid is a pizza with a hot dog baked into each slice’s crust… because decisions are hard.

The Frankenslice is part of the team’s Halfway to Halloween promotion, beginning May 21st. Although there will be other halloween-themed events planned, the pizza/hotdog is probably the most frightening.


[via MLB]

Chef Creates Meals Inspired By Heavy Metal Bands


The Slayer Pizza, photo: Chef John Hurkes

Food can be so metal… except vegetables, which are more like slow jazz. Anyways, chef John Hurkes regularly contributes Heavy Metal-Inspired Meals to Rice and Bread Magazine.

Slayer Pizza, Nuclear Assault Nachos, and the Exodus Pork Belly Blood Feast are just a few of the metal meals that’ll make you hungry and head-bangy.

Check out more here, and then get cooking. Horns up, forks out.


The Black Sabbath Pizza, photo: Chef John Hurkes


Nuclear Assault Nachos, photo: Chef John Hurkes


The Juicy Lucifuge, photo: Chef John Hurkes


The Blood Feast, photo: Chef John Hurkes


[link, via The Awesomer]

How To Make A Captain America Pizza


Apparently, there’s a little superhero movie coming out that you might’ve heard of. It’s called The Avengers, or something.

To help with some much-needed promotion for the movie, Rosanna Pansino of Nerdie Nummies has created a pizza inspired by one of the movie’s protagonists, Captain America.

The Captain America Pizza is made possible with some well-placed pepperoni, olives, and a cheese star. Made to look like the First Avenger’s trusty shield, the pizza should help thwart the most evil of munchies.

Good luck with your movie, Avengers. We hope it does well.

[link, via Mighty Mega]

The Cheese Ball Crust Pizza Delivers


We’ve seen it done with ramen, French fries, and Doritos… but alternative pizza crust may have reached its awesomeness apex with Cheese Ball Crust Pizza.

Brought to us by Dude Foods, the end result isn’t even the most amazing part. The puffy pizza is actually a marvel of food engineering, by finding a way of adhering cheese balls together into one contiguous mass. Spoiler: It’s done with more cheese.




Hot Girls Eating Pizza Is How You Make a Successful Instagram Account


You use the appropriate filter. You only take pictures of your finest meals and sunsets. Still, your Instagram account is not getting the attention that it deserves.

Hot Girls Eating Pizza could teach us a few things. For one, Instagram users love pizza. Secondly, pictures of aesthetically-pleasing girls get “Likes.” Combine the two, and @H0tGirlsEatingPizza is a bona fide hit on the photo app… no matter what filter they use.

See more “cool girls & hot pizza” here.






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