The Six-Shooter Pizza Cutter Will Quick Draw Some Slices


Ready… aim… fire up some slices with the Quick-Draw Pizza Cutter. Perfect for any pizza party filled with gun enthusiasts, the polished chrome shooter is riveted to a stainless steel pizza blade.

Although it’s a six-shooter, the cutter should have no problem taking down eight slices. Just don’t point it at anyone, as it’s always loaded.

[link, via GeekAlerts]

Grab A Slice Of Pepperoni Pizza Bedding


We once teased with pepperoni pizza bedding, which was complete fiction. Now, all of your pizza dreams have come true with Pepperoni Bedding.

Brought to us by Emotional Rainbow, the bed coverage comes complete with a quilt cover and two pillow covers with crust. You can also choose from a twin set or an oversized European pizza bed.

[link, via @hemisuppressed]

The Pizza Chopper Will Easily Ride Across Your Pizza


If you’re looking for adventure, or whatever comes your way on pizza night — the Pizza Chopper is here to help.

Designed to resemble a chopper motorcycle, this pizza cutter will be the coolest way to segment your pie. If you’re truly born to be wild, they’ll be some pepperoni involved.

Ergonomic plastic handle with stainless steel blade. Red and black. New at The Foodiggity Shop.




Behold The Pizzadilla


If you’ve ever wondered how you could improve upon the near-perfect quesadilla… Serious Eats has the answer.

The Pizzadilla is brought to us by their Managing Culinary Director/mad scientist, J. Kenji López-Alt. It starts innocently enough as a quesadilla, cooked awesomely in a cast iron pan, then appropriately topped with all the pizza fixins.

Now that’s some fusion we can get behind.





Stuffed Pizza Skulls Will Get The Halloween Party Started


Pizza rolls just got infinitely cooler and more Halloween-appropriate, with Stuffed Pizza Rolls. Brought to us by Beth from Hungry Happenings, the creepy pizza treats are made simply with a skull baking mold and standard pizza ingredients.

Stuff, bake, and impress your Halloween party guests. Especially if you include some pepperoni brains.





[link, via Incredible Things]