Pizza, Chicken Wing and Beer Sweaters Will Help Get The Party Started


Whether it’s pizza night, or you’re meeting up with some friends for beer and wings… Alex Stevens Party Sweaters have got you covered.

Let everyone know that you came to party, with your food-related novelty sweater. Go with the Pizza Sweater, adorned with yummy pepperoni slices, if you need a conversation piece until the delivery guy arrives. Unless you are the delivery guy, in which case, you’ll need two of these.

Then there’s the Beer Sweater and the Hot Wing Sweater which, as we all know, are appropriate for any occasion.



[link, via Incredible Things]

Pizza Towel Delivers Good Ground Coverage


If you absolutely need to lie on the ground, then you might as well have the proper ground coverage. The Pizza Towel will have you lounging in style, while it protects you from the filthy Earth, or that always intrusive beach sand.

The awesomest towel ever is currently available in Pepperoni, with a Vegetarian and Supreme option coming soon. The Supreme towel is for serious lying.



[link, via Incredible Things]

Pizza Hut Nail Polish Exists


If you’re heading down to Pizza Hut for their pizza-like products and breadsticks, you might as well accessorize appropriately.

Pizza Hut Nail Polish was recently unleashed in Australia, and they provide the proper pizza hues — with colors such as Poppin Pepperoni, Meat Me After Midnight, and Dough You Need Me.

The limited edition nail polish was launched at Pizza Hut Australia as a promotion for their Valentine’s Day poem contest.


[link via Buzzfeed]

Grilled Cheese Crust Pizza Is Everything


Most of the time, there’s only two safe options for lunch… pizza or grilled cheese… we know this to be true. So, leave it up to Amy of Oh, Bite It! to create the Grilled Cheese Crust Pizza.

By merging the aforementioned lunch options, this handy tutorial could save a lot of decision-making. And, making decisions is hard.



[link, via Incredible Things]

Pizza Is The New Black, A Series of Monochromatic ‘Pizza’ With Unusual Toppings


What actually constitutes a pizza? It needs to be round, sometimes square, with a base preferably made of dough. Then it needs to have stuff on it.

With those criteria in mind, Pizza Is The New Black is a series of the most interesting pizza we’ve seen in a while. The monochromatic photos include a pizza representing one color — including the dough and background. The toppings, although mostly inedible, are only meant to blend into its color scheme.

The series is brought to us by design studio Black Pizza, chef Julie Basset and photographer Erwan Fichou. One yellow pizza with extra rubber ducky, please!








[link, via TAXI]