Hot Girls Eating Pizza Is How You Make a Successful Instagram Account


You use the appropriate filter. You only take pictures of your finest meals and sunsets. Still, your Instagram account is not getting the attention that it deserves.

Hot Girls Eating Pizza could teach us a few things. For one, Instagram users love pizza. Secondly, pictures of aesthetically-pleasing girls get “Likes.” Combine the two, and @H0tGirlsEatingPizza is a bona fide hit on the photo app… no matter what filter they use.

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[link, via First We Feast]

The Pepperoni Pizza Corvette Delivers


When you go by the moniker, PizzaMan Dan, and own a pizza chain of the same name — you’re going to need a suitable form of transportation.

Spotted at the 31st Annual International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, the Pepperoni Corvette is a decal-covered pizza lover’s dream. It’s owned by Dan Collier of Ventura County restaurant chain, PizzaMan Dan’s.

Hopefully, he has the bedding to match.


[via First We Feast]

The Pizza Box Pizza Oven Delivers



If you enjoy making your own pizza, but miss the accoutrements that are included with delivery, the Pizza Box Oven is here to help.

The convenient little appliance resembles a traditional pizza box, that will cook that homemade pizza of yours, regardless of its non-circular shape. No delivery-boy needed.


Pizza, Chicken Wing and Beer Sweaters Will Help Get The Party Started


Whether it’s pizza night, or you’re meeting up with some friends for beer and wings… Alex Stevens Party Sweaters have got you covered.

Let everyone know that you came to party, with your food-related novelty sweater. Go with the Pizza Sweater, adorned with yummy pepperoni slices, if you need a conversation piece until the delivery guy arrives. Unless you are the delivery guy, in which case, you’ll need two of these.

Then there’s the Beer Sweater and the Hot Wing Sweater which, as we all know, are appropriate for any occasion.



[link, via Incredible Things]

Pizza Towel Delivers Good Ground Coverage


If you absolutely need to lie on the ground, then you might as well have the proper ground coverage. The Pizza Towel will have you lounging in style, while it protects you from the filthy Earth, or that always intrusive beach sand.

The awesomest towel ever is currently available in Pepperoni, with a Vegetarian and Supreme option coming soon. The Supreme towel is for serious lying.



[link, via Incredible Things]