Stuffed Pizza Skulls Will Get The Halloween Party Started


Pizza rolls just got infinitely cooler and more Halloween-appropriate, with Stuffed Pizza Rolls. Brought to us by Beth from Hungry Happenings, the creepy pizza treats are made simply with a skull baking mold and standard pizza ingredients.

Stuff, bake, and impress your Halloween party guests. Especially if you include some pepperoni brains.





[link, via Incredible Things]

The Millennium Falcon Pizza Has Got It Where It Counts, Kid


It may not look like much, but the Millennium Falcon Pizza has got it where it counts.

Brought to us by Redditor, VaultOfDaedalus, the sausage-stuffed-crust pizza was actually delivered this way, morphing into Han Solo’s vessel while in transit.

And remember, if a Millennium Falcon pizza isn’t delivered in 12 parsecs, it’s free.

[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

The Pizza Chopper Will Easily Ride Across Your Pizza


If you’re looking for adventure, or whatever comes your way on pizza night — the Pizza Chopper is here to help.

Designed to resemble a chopper motorcycle, this pizza cutter will be the coolest way to segment your pie. If you’re truly born to be wild, they’ll be some pepperoni involved.

Ergonomic plastic handle with stainless steel blade. Red and black. New at The Foodiggity Shop.




Pizza Socks Will Deliver Good Foot Coverage


Show off your love of pizza, and get some much-needed calf coverage, with Pizza Knee High Socks.

Laden with yummy cheese and pepperoni, wear them with your other pizza couture… We know you have some.


Pizza With A French Fries Crust Exists


French fries… They complement our bacon cheeseburgers perfectly and act as a suitable platform for gravy and cheese. Now, french fries have been given the greatest responsibility ever bestowed on a food item… to provide a crunchy base for our pizza.

The French Fries Crust Pizza is brought to us by Foodinese, and is made possible by fusing fries together with mozzarella as glue, and then adding toppings. Might we suggest a bacon cheeseburger or gravy and cheese pizza?

[link, via Thrillist]