Pizza Condoms Deliver


It’s been said that sex is like pizza… Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Now, thanks to a packaging concept by Russian designer Marina Malygina, the two have officially been combined. And it’s not bad.

The Pizza Condom is wrapped in what looks like a pizza with the works. And, to reinforce the theme, the condom is then housed in a small delivery box. How good your pizza will be, is completely up to the delivery boy.

pizza-condoms-2 pizza-condoms-3 pizza-condoms-4

[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Watch People Not From Australia Get Grossed Out By Pizza Hut’s Vegemite Stuffed Crust Pizza



Unless you’re from one of two countries, New Zealand or Australia, vegemite is probably unpalatable for you. Pizza Hut wanted to test this theory with Mitey Stuffed Crust — a pizza chock-full of the Aussie staple.

Folks from all over the world were invited to try it out, and the results are what you might expect. Unlucky test subjects, having no idea what the ‘black thing’ they’re eating actually is, are revolted upon first bite — comparing the taste to ‘fish jam,’ ‘petrol,’ ‘medicine,’ and ‘shit.’

For the record… The two Aussies that were offered the pizza loved it. Please watch this…

[link, via First We Feast]

Pizza Croutons Will Help Your Sad Salad


If you didn’t finish off all eight slices of that pizza, as usual, then you’ll have some leftovers to work with.

So rather than eating cold slices the next day, as usual, you can help a salad or soup along with Pizza Croutons.

Simply place two slices together, face to face, then sauté with some oil and cut them into cubes. The croutons would be great by themselves, or if you’d like to add them to a boring salad. And, we all know what pairs well with a pizza salad… cold leftover slices.

Recipe and technique here.


[link, via Gizmodo]

Streetwear and Fashion Logos Recreated With Food


Last we heard from food artist Tisha Cherry, she was making awesome Oreo art. Cherry is back with a series of edible streetwear and fashion brand logos.

Supreme is recreated as a supreme pizza, Nike is painstakingly made from coffee beans, and Tokyo-based A Bathing Ape is made from sushi.

If you’re noticing a theme here, it’s because Cherry is purposely using ingredients synonymous with the brand’s home state, country or city. See more below or at Cherry’s Instagram account here.

tisha-cherry-02 tisha-cherry-03 tisha-cherry-05

[link, via BOOOOOOOM! and Miss Bish]

Italian Food As Chairs


The only thing better than sitting down for a good Italian meal, would be if we could sit on a good Italian meal.

Artist Haris Jusovic teases this concept, rendering some traditional Italian food items as chairs. Imagine sitting on a crispy fried egg for breakfast. Lunch would have you sitting back on a gooey pizza chair.

Now we just need a gnocchi pillow for our post-meal nap.





[link, via Apartment Therapy]