ARRRE You Ready To Open Some Bottles? The Legless Pirate Corkscrew Can Help


Do you need to get a bottle opened, me hearties? Well, the Legless Pirate Corkscrew is here to help.

Complete with a corkscrew for a leg and a waiter’s friend and foil cutter for arms — this pirate is ready to open any wine bottle. He even comes with a bottle-opening eye patch for sodas and beers, and a parrot on his arm.

So… Why are pirates such good bottle openers? Because they ARRRR!!!

Stainless steel and durable ABS plastic. Available at The Foodiggity Shop.




The Pirate Bottle Sleeve and Corkscrew Bundle Will Help You Pillage Your Next Party


ARRR you ready to open and insulate that bottle, me hearties? If you’re looking to drink like a pirate, or just talk funny all day, the Pirate Bottle Sleeve and Corkscrew Bundle is here.

To help open your beer or wine bottle, the Legless Pirate Corkscrew — complete with bottle opener, corkscrew, waiter’s friend and foil cutter. Then, once your bottle is ready to drink, slip on your Freaker Bonehead Bottle Sleeve and you’re ready to PARRRTY!! See… taking funny already.

The Freaker Pirate Bundle contains one (1) Legless Pirate Corkscrew and one (1) Freaker Bonehead Bottle Sleeve. Available now at The Foodiggity Shop.



GIVEAWAY!! Tell Us A Pirate Joke And You Could Win A Legless Pirate Corkscrew


ARRR you ready for a giveaway, me hearties? For helping us pick our latest product, The Legless Pirate Corkscrew, you now have a chance to win one. It’s simple… Head over to Foodiggity’s Facebook page here and tell us the best pirate joke that you know. The one that makes us giggle like a drunken sailor the most gets the loot.*

BONUS… Everyone who submits their pirate humor can also get 22%-off their entire next order at the Foodiggity Shop. Just shoot an email to chris[at]foodiggity[com] with subject “Pirate Loot” and we’ll send a over a coupon code.†

* Enter as many times as you like. One winner will receive one Legless Pirate Corkscrew from the Foodiggity Shop. Winner must have a shipping address within the U.S. Contest ends 3/24/14, Noon EST.

†Spend your bounty wisely… Coupon code cannot be combined with another offer. Coupon code expires 3/1/14.


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Treasure Chest Barbecue Grill

When you’re done pillaging your supermarket’s meat section, and would then like to cook up your bounty — The Pirate Treasure Chest BBQ is here to help.

Brought to us by Etsy member firesculptureart, the fully-functional grill was created to look like an antique wooden treasure chest. It comes complete with a three burner grill chamber, and single burner “Hot slather” simmerin’ oven. So, go ahead and invite your mateys over for a little BBBQ. The extra ‘B’ is for booty.

[link, via The Awesomer]

How To Make Your Own Pirate Chest Cooler

When your beer is your booty, you’ll need something like a Pirate Chest Cooler. Brought to us by Redditor ShutUpLori, an ordinary Igloo cooler is turned into a drink-holding vessel suitable for the fanciest of pillagers and tailgaters. Especially for Pittsburgh Pirate fans — if there is still such a thing. Check out the “how To” here.

[link, via Incredible Things]