The Polaroid Cheese Slicer, Now Available For Pre-Order


Imagine the next time you say “cheese” to a camera, you actually receive some. The Say Cheese Slicer is here to make it happen.

Made to look like a vintage Polaroid camera, the slicer will gladly deliver you a fresh slice of dairy product. The best part… Once the cheese comes out, you don’t have to shake it to make it work. You will however, have a lot of people smiling at you and saying “cheese.” More so than if it were a real camera.

The Say Cheese Slicer is available for pre-order at The Foodiggity Shop. They’ll be $9.99 when in stock, est. early May. So just drop us a line and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re here.




Broccoli Sweetheart Carving by Brock Davis


Our favorite artist and food-player Brock Davis is at it again. This time, he’s expressing his love, with a Broccoli Sweetheart Carving. He just forgot to make it official with “4-EVA.” Perhaps it’s on the cauliflower.

If you do not already do so, follow Brock’s Instagram… It’s pretty awesome.


Photomug, A Retro Camera Coffee Mug For Vintage Coffee Drinking


If you’re into caffeine and vintage photography, or you happen to be Instagramming your coffee right now, we have just the mug for you. The Photomug, a retro-style camera coffee mug, will help show off your love of snapping pictures and the morning jitters.

The Photomug is available for pre-order at The Foodiggity Shop. Just drop us an email, and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re in stock. No filter necessary.



More Foods Cut In Half


Last year, we were mesmerized by the innards of certain foods, thanks to the photo series, Cut FoodNew York-based photographer Beth Galton is at it again, continuing her photo series with some new bisected foods and drinks.

The newest part of the series, just as aesthetically pleasing as the last, will have you wondering how they made the foods look like this, as well as making you a bit hungry. Perhaps for half a bucket of chicken?




[link, via My Modern Met]

Coffee Shop Designed As A Giant Rolleiflex Camera


For the coffee and old-school photography enthusiast, there’s The Dreamy Camera. Designed to look like a giant Rolleiflex Camera, the two-story building is part coffee shop and part miniature camera museum.

It was created by a former South Korean helicopter pilot, and is located in YangPyung, South Korea, about an hour east of Seoul.

Head over there to appreciate the art form of photography. Just make sure to use the correct Instagram filter.



[link, via Colossal]