Dad Creates Letters Out Of Food To Help Teach His Daughter The Alphabet


To help teach his daughter Zoë the alphabet in the funnest and yummiest way possible, artist Tommy Perez created AtoZoë.

The project is a series of letters that Perez designs and creates out of food. The goal… To teach Zoë her ABCs and get her a snack in the process. Well done, dad.

Check out Perez’s work and more of this project over at his Instagram.







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Honest Names For Food Tell It Like It Is

enhanced-20195-1403630227-13Although they’re longer and a little harder to remember than the original, Honest Names For Food by Buzzfeed tell it like it is.

The brutal truth is that English muffins are nothing but “Butter Sponges.” And, let’s be honest, waffles are merely “Pancakes With Crannies.” Or, are pancakes “Flat-Ass Waffles?” Now we’re just confused.


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Say Cheese, Get Cheese With The Polaroid Cheese Slicer


Imagine the next time you say “cheese” to a camera, you actually receive some. The Say Cheese Slicer is here to make it happen.

Made to look like a vintage Polaroid camera, the slicer will gladly deliver you a fresh slice of dairy product. The best part… Once the cheese comes out, you don’t have to shake it to make it work. You will however, have a lot of people smiling at you and saying “cheese.” More so than if it were a real camera.

The Say Cheese Slicer is available The Foodiggity Shop. [$11.99]




Coffee Universe, Surreal Landscape Photos With Coffee Skies


Your world revolves around coffee. But what if a coffee world revolved around you? Coffee Universe, by Hungarian artist Flóra Borsi, gives us a surreal visual on this concept.

Realizing that there’s an inherent beauty in the shapes and textures created by creamed coffee, Borsi mimics what a sky might look like on the greatest and most highly-caffeinated planet in the solar system.







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This Mini-Cheese Camera Will Get You To Smile


Are you still having trouble getting people to smile at your camera or iPhone because it doesn’t look like cheese? The Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Digital Toy Camera is here to get your subjects in the spirit, with a camera that looks like a tiny slab of swiss.

The little cheese camera — besides attracting mice — is capable of capturing still images, full video, and voice recordings.

Now, we know what you’re thinking… If only there was a camera that actually gave you cheese upon request… Oh, wait… Here you go.



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