How To Make An Awesome Tiger Pancake


Round monochrome pancakes are so last year… Fancy illustrated pancakes are where it’s at. And, if you have a good non-stick pan and sick illustrating skills, you could have an awesome tiger pancake like this one.

Brought to us by imgur member SoNorthTheSunDoesntShine, there’s a handy step-by-step on how to do your own. Get yourself to art school first though.






[link, via Incredible Things]

Shark Pancakes


Is it Shark Week yet? Because, we might already know what we’re having for breakfast. Shark Pancakes are brought to us by pancake artist Nathan Shields of Saipancakes.

Butter up a Mako or Hammerhead, add syrup and dive in. If you’ll be trying a Great White, we’re gonna need a bigger plate.

[link, via Neatorama]

Hot Dog Pancakes


If you’re looking  to add some savory to your pancakes, or you’re having a few five-year-olds over for brunch… Hot Dog Pancakes are here to help.

Brought to us by CHOW, the pancakes are easy enough to make, by placing slices of your wiener on one side of the pancake and flipping as usual. Pass the syrup and mustard.





Reindeer Pancakes

Reindeer pancakes[5]

You know the song… So you know Rudolph and all of the reindeers that wouldn’t let him join in their games. Now, they’re all pancakes.

Brought to us by pancake artist, Nathan Shields of Saipancakes, all of Santa’s reindeer are accounted for, and ready for some much-needed butter and syrup. On, pancakes!!

[link, via Neatorama]

This Guy Really Likes Pancakes [creepy vid]


It’s actually been a stellar year for pancakes. And then this happened… Some dude on YouTube decided to cover himself in pancakes and syrup and, combined with his pasty complexion and creepy stare, ruined a perfectly good food trend for everyone.

Come to think of it, pancake fetish guy… Could you do the same with cupcakes and flavored vodka? Those need to die too.

Please watch this, only if you need pancakes ruined forever…

[link, via Incredible Things]