Pixar Pancakes Are Fun For The Whole Family


If you’re looking for a breakfast that appeals to kids and adults, and is a little too pretty to eat, look no further than these Pixar Pancakes.

Brought to us by Dan Drake of Dan Cakes, he creates colorful and scary-accurate pancake portraits of some of our favorite Pixar characters.

There’s Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Up, and even Cars. Then, since Dan apparently has some extra batter, he creates a bunch of obscure secondary characters. Please watch this…


The Avengers Pancakes Can Beat Up Your Breakfast


The next time that you’re toasting a frozen waffle, keep in mind that the most powerful breakfast in the universe is now possible.

The Avengers Pancakes are the ultimate breakfast. Created by master pancake artist Dr. Dan over on YouTube, the pancakes are made possible with colored batters, squeeze bottles, and sick illustration skills. Take that, puny waffles.

Please watch this…

[link, via People]

Tortoises Eating Tiny Pancakes


Pancakes should be available to all walks of life… regardless of how slow-moving they are. BuzzFeedBlue agrees, and recently whipped up a short stack for a few sulcata tortoises.

The result is absolute adorableness, and is even a bit hypnotizing to watch. Accept for the tortoise who doesn’t partake in the pancakes. He must’ve went looking for the tiny butter and syrup. Please watch this…

[link, via Laughing Squid]

Designer Handbags Made With Breads, Pancakes and Waffles


If you like your designer handbags high-end and starchy, this series by artist Chloe Wise is for you.

Bread Bags is a fun collection where Wise creates seemingly designer handbags — replacing fine leathers and silks with pancakes, waffles and various breads.

Placing Chanel, Prada and Coach hardware on the foods, turns these carb-carriers into luxury fashion items. If only the bags were functional, ladies would certainly appreciate something appropriate like this to carry waffles in.

Pancakes No. 5 — oil paint, urethane, leather, hardware
PBJLV — oil paint, urethane, hardware
Moschino English Muffin — urethane, oil paint, leather, hardware, butter container
Belgian Moschino Waffles — oil paint, urethane, hardware
American Classic — oil paint, urethane, hardware 
Ain’t No Challah Back(pack) Girl — oil paint, urethane, sesame seeds, solicited Prada hardware 2014
Bagel No.5 — oil paint, urethane, sesame seeds and found hardware
Bagel and Locks — oil paint, rabbit fur, urethane, hardware, leather

[link, via TAXI]

Your Face On A Pancake… The Future Is Now


Stop trying to make fancy-shaped pancakes, or the ones that look nothing like Spongebob. Facial recognition, 3D-printing, and pancake art have finally joined forces, and breakfast just became even more important.

UK design firm, Kinneir Dufort, has created a machine that will help step up your pancake game. Combining CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology with face recognition software — the printer dispenses batter systematically to help cook for different times, creating highlights and shadows.

Unfortunately, the pancake printer is not yet available for mass consumption. You’ll just have to tolerate “That doesn’t look like Spongebob, I’m not eating!!” every morning for a bit longer.



[link, via Laughing Squid]