The Series of Texture, A Food Art Series Inspired By Modern Art


Beth Galton, recently featured here for her Cut Food series, is playing with her food again. Only this time, instead of the inside of foods becoming the focal point, Galton showcases textures and patterns with a heavy nod to modern art.

Whether it’s a plate of ingredients mashed up to create an edible Rothko, or a cold cut and condiment Pollock — the study in color and texture is set against Galton’s trademark black background, and is worthy of any museum wall. And by museum wall, we mean in my belly.





[link, via First We Feast]

Food Painted To Look Like Other Food


Relax… This isn’t a government experiment, or a small farmer screwing with nature to produce a cucumber-banana hybrid. This and other foods are part of a fun art series by Hikaru Cho titled, “It’s not what it seems.”

Various produce and other foods are painted rather awesomely to look like completely different items. Other mind games include an egg disguised as an eggplant and a tomato painted to look like an orange. Although, a cucunana sounds pretty awesome.






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Inedible Recipes, A Cookbook of Delicious Food Art


Cookbooks… They’re always filled with such delicious recipes, you know, the kind you can actually eat. But what if there was a book that contained recipes of deliciously inedible food?

Inedible Recipes, by artist Crystal Smith, explores the concept of filling a cookbook with food no longer fit for consumption. The series of food art, which uses various forms of media added to food, could be described as an artbook, photobook and cookbook all in one — as Smith does in fact supply the “recipes” for each piece.

Inedible Recipes is currently an Indiegogo project. You can visit Crystal’s page and help this project become a reality here.







Chocolate Paint Tubes Create Happy Little Desserts


We’ve all worked with Alizarin Crimson and Van Dyke Brown… Now we can paint happy little desserts with Edible Chocolate Paint Tubes.

Designed by design firm Nendo, the yummy paint supplies are made from chocolate, and filled with various sweet fillings. Try any one you like, it’s your world.




Famous Works of Art Recreated With Hot Dogs and Other Deli Meats


“The Scream” by Edvard Munch

Sausage In Art is a clever and very meaty project by photographer Karsten Wegener, designer Silke Baltruschat and food stylist Raik Holst. The series, which recreates famous works of art, does it using the medium of deli meats.

Whether it’s Koon’s “Balloon Dog” rendered in hot dog, or Hirst’s dot series replaced with rows of pork-based cold cuts — the series will give you a new appreciation of modern art. Just pass the mustard.

Picture 3

Dots by Damien Hirst


“Balloon Dog” by Jeff Koons


“Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh

[via Laughing Squid]