Crazy Wine, A Bottle of Wine Packaged in a Straitjacket


We’re not sure what makes “Vino Loco” so cray cray, but they wrapped each bottle in a straitjacket, so it must be pretty bat-shit. Brought to us by Lola Madrid, each bottle comes complete with a crazy harness. A great choice if dinner is with a psychiatrist, psychopath, or an escape artist.

No worries, it still has a standard cork. But let’s see how long it takes you to open that.


[via TAXI]

A McDonald’s Happy Meal Design Concept That’s Even Happier


How do you make a McDonald’s Happy Meal even happier? You can start by giving kids more than a standard meal and a toy. Then, redesign it with anthropomorphic packaging that appears happy you’re about to eat them.

The Truly Happy Meal is brought to us by Singapore-based designer Lee Sin Li.

“McDonald’s prizes itself to make eating fun for kids, but with times, the Happy Meal seems to be just a mini version of the regular burger meals. There’s nothing special about the Happy Meal, apart from the additional toy.”


[link, via TAXI]

Cookies Straight From The Cardboard Oven


There are few things better than cookies fresh out of the oven. Iowa-based cookie company Thelma’s knows this, and came up with a brilliant packaging solution for their baked goods.

Thelma’s cookie boxes are made to look like actual ovens – which not only help keep the cookies warm, but also reinforces the idea that your snickerdoodles are fresh from the oven. Find out more about the project here.


[via Gizmodo]

Coffinger, Instant Coffee Packaging Helps You Use Your Finger as a Stirrer

We’ve all been there — having to use our finger to stir our coffee. Coffinger, an instant coffee packaging concept, actually supports our laziness. The design by Jaeyong Lee provides a convenient and eco-friendly solution when there’s no stirrer to be found, or when you’re in no mood to go digging for a spoon.

Simply tear the packaging, add coffee to hot water, turn the packaging inside-out over your finger, and stir. The inside of the Coffinger packaging is aluminum-coated — creating a sanitary and eco-friendly alternative to a non-biodegradable stirrer or your dirty digit.

For an even more convenient coffee option, check out Coffee On A Stick. Or, an eco-friendly container with I Am Not A Paper Cup.

[via Yanko Design]

Tea Illustrations by Andrew Gorkovenko

Using nothing more than loose tea and extreme patience, artist Andrew Gorkovenko created beautiful landscape scenes for Triptea. Made specifically to be included on the tea company’s packaging – the scenes actually depict the origin of the tea contained within.

[link, via Colossal]