Tic Tacs As Vintage Video Games


Tic Tacs have been around so long, that people were enjoying them when Pac-Man was still fun. To help pay homage to the antiquated technology and breath mint, the Miami Ad School created a series of ads of vintage video games made from Tic Tacs.

From candy Pac-Man and Snake to an Arkanoid board, the ads were probably fun to assemble. Not more fun than actually playing Arkanoid though… those bricks were crazy.



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8-Bit Teatime: Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Tetris Recreated With Sugar Cubes


How may lumps do you take in your coffee? Russian artist Dina Belenko takes just enough to recreate a few old-school video games in her series, 8-Bit Teatime.

Showing just how ridiculous video game technology once was — Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Tetris are recreated rather convincingly with nothing but sugar cubes. Quarters up, and check out Belenko’s work here.



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The Nutritional Info of Popular Video Game Food


Video game food… It helps us rack up points and extends our playing time. But the thing about those digital foodstuffs — since there’s no video game FDA to speak of — we have no idea what we’re putting into our little pixelated bodies.

Complex Gaming has put together a handy guide — The Nutritional Guide To Popular Food In Video Games. From power pellets to magical mushrooms, we can finally get some nutritional peace of mind, while we consume pork rinds and energy drinks from our gaming chairs.




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Atari 2600 Cake


The Atari 2600 Cake was created by New Jersey-based Pink Cake Box for a fortieth birthday party. The red velvet cake was complete with game console, two joysticks, and Pac-Man and Vanguard cassettes.

And, if you’re too young to know what a joystick is, then I won’t bother explaining how kids were once entertained by video games that required the use of one button. Or, how totally awesome Pitfall was. Awesome cake though.


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Video Games Made From Gummy Bears

Stop-motion and too much free time is at it again. Seen here in a montage of video games made entirely of gummy bears.

Warning: Many gelatinous animals were harmed during the making of this film.

[YouTube, via Neatorama]