This Japanese Print Ad is Probably for Oranges


The best way to advertise for a particular product… Replace all of that boring and time-consuming copy with the item that you’re trying to push. That’s exactly what a Japanese newspaper did, using meticulously dissected and placed orange parts to tell the story — probably about oranges.

The ad is specifically for Mikan Oranges, Japan’s most popular version of the fruit, and was made to help reinforce the product’s availability. Assuming that there were some oranges left afterwards.


[via TAXI]

Tropicana Billboard Powered by Oranges

Just when we thought that high school science class had taught us everything, we learn that citrus fruits actually conduct electricity too. Tropicana, with help from DDB Paris, gives us that elusive science lesson while promoting the natural power of oranges.

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Apples and Oranges, Compared

Apples and oranges — the seemingly incomparable fruits finally get their long-awaited showdown. Brought to us by and, this handy infographic presents the comparison that has been casually dismissed for far too long. Let’s get it on.

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