Chef Creates Meals Inspired By Heavy Metal Bands

The Slayer Pizza, photo: Chef John Hurkes

Food can be so metal… except vegetables, which are more like slow jazz. Anyways, chef John Hurkes regularly contributes Heavy Metal-Inspired Meals to Rice and Bread Magazine.

Slayer Pizza, Nuclear Assault Nachos, and the Exodus Pork Belly Blood Feast are just a few of the metal meals that’ll make you hungry and head-bangy.

Check out more here, and then get cooking. Horns up, forks out.

The Black Sabbath Pizza, photo: Chef John Hurkes
Nuclear Assault Nachos, photo: Chef John Hurkes
The Juicy Lucifuge, photo: Chef John Hurkes
The Blood Feast, photo: Chef John Hurkes


[link, via The Awesomer]

Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’ Played With Fruits and Vegetables


Music producer Jonathan Dagan, a.k.a. j.viewz, recently visited the produce section, and then recreated Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” with fruits and vegetables.

After first hooking up strawberries, grapes, eggplant, carrots and mushrooms to his keyboard and turntable — Dagan is able to reproduce the sounds of the electronica classic.

Check it out below, and then go ahead and stream Blue Lines for the remainder of the day. You’re welcome.

[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Baking is Gangsta With Rapper Cookie Stamps


Nothing says ‘gangsta’ quite like a nice warm batch of cookies. So, Baking With My Homies Cookie Stamps make total sense. Whether you’re East coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between — you’ll be a hit with the kids, and at the next bake sale.

Pay homage to a few fallen hip-hoppers with 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G, or Eazy-E cookies. Make these your Christmas cookies and you’ll really earn some street cred this holiday.

Baking With My Homies come in a set of three. They’re available at The Foodiggity Shop. [$9.99]

la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_1 la1416_bakingwithmyhomies_2[link]

Dinner DJ Plate Set Will Have Kids Eating And Spinning Meals


Do you have a finicky eater in the hizzouz? The Dinner DJ is here to get your little MC to eat.

The plate and utensil set comes with a melamine plate that looks like a record, a tone arm multi-utensil, adjustable knobs and a turntable placeholder.

Kids will be happy to sit at their new wheel of steel, while they scratch up some lunch… right after you explain to them what a record is.


[link, via Incredible Things]

TACOCAT, A Music Video About A Taco Cat and Palindromes


Taco Cat, besides being a magical and elusive animal, is also a wonderful palindrome — meaning that it’s spelled the same forward and backwards.

Singer-songwriter Parry Gripp, who recently brought us Burrito Van, keeps the Tex-Mex love going with TACOCAT — a fun animated music video and spelling lesson. Please watch this, and have fun getting the song unstuck from your head today.

[link, via Laughing Squid]