Lipton Tea Ad Turns NYC Into A City Of Muppets


Sure, according to most of the country, New York City is filled with animals. But, what if it was actually filled with Animals?

Lipton Tea’s new ad answers this question that no one has ever thought to ask — with a commercial that follows our protagonist Kermit amongst an urban jungle of nothing but Animals.

The message that Lipton is trying to convey, is to remind us to think positive and “Be More Tea.” And, that NYC is filled with nothing more than mindless inconsiderate puppets.


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The Muppets’ Swedish Chef and Gordon Ramsay Have A Food Truck Battle


When the bumbling incoherent, Swedish Chef, faces off with yelly blonde chef, Gordon Ramsay, in a food truck battle — the results are what you might expect. A thorough mess is made, and a new Muppets movie is successfully promoted. Bork, bork…

Nice, but still not one of the Best Muppet Food Moments of All Time.

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The First Ever Appearance of Cookie Monster

Before he was a speech-impeded cookie eater, Cookie Monster was an insatiable cheese snack stealer — with teeth. Known at the time as the “Wheel-Stealer,” Cookie first appeared in a 1966 unaired commercial for Wheels, Crowns and Flutes snacks.

Later versions of what eventual became Cookie Monster included an appearance in green on the Ed Sullivan show, then toothless and shilling for Munchos.

And check out Foodiggity’s 7 of The Best Food-Related Moments in Muppet History.

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Foodiggity’s Best of The Week, 2/20-2/24

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