If Famous Movie Directors Were Chefs

steven-spielbergMovie directors, more than any other creative professionals, will often adapt a certain style, and then use said style until everything they do feels like a parody.

Brought to us by Cheekylicious, What If These Movie Directors Were Culinary Artists shows us how a few of the most well-known directors would fare as chefs.

Steven Spielberg would obviously make family-friendly meals, while Tim Burton would over-cook every one of Johnny Depp’s meals. Sadly, there’s no Tarantino, who would probably serve breakfast for dinner.



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A Tribute To ‘The Shining’ Made With Food

photo by Davide Luciano

To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Shining, photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca recreated key elements of the horror film with food.

From a pie that reminds us that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” to REDRUM recreated with alphabet soup, the photo series may scare you into having an early lunch. Just stay out of the pea maze.

photo by Davide Luciano
photo by Davide Luciano
photo by Davide Luciano
photo by Davide Luciano

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McDonald’s Frightening New Mascot ‘Happy’ Placed In A Few Classic Horror Movies


Recently, McDonald’s unleashed Happy, an anthropomorphic cardboard box, to help promote Happy Meals. And… How do we put this?… He’s kinda creeping everyone out.

But just how terrifying is this new ambassador of boxed meals? Well, to find out, we went ahead and placed Happy in a few classic horror films, to see if he’s a suitable replacement for a mass murderer, a devil baby, and a killer shark. You be the judge…

Silence of The Lambs
The Ring
Rosemary’s Baby
The Shining

TV Dinners, An Illustration Series of Fictional Meals From Television and Movies


TV Dinners is a fun illustration series by artist Kyle Platts. It’s part of a project by Food Republic that asks artists to “dream up a fantasy restaurant, then devise a menu for it.”

London-based Platts chose to visualize a few fictional foods from television and movies. Whether a McDowell’s combo meal from Coming To America, or a yummy stallion heart from Game of Thrones — the drawings might make you yearn for some cartoon grub while you queue up some Netflix.







[via Food Republic]

Watch ‘Machete’ Star Danny Trejo Make Bread Animals


You may recognize Danny Trejo as the star of Machete, or perhaps another movie where he kills a lot of people. And if you ever wondered, as I often do, what Machete does during his downtime, Nerdist has some insight.

Danny Trejo’s Breadanimals visits the action hero during a break from his machete-wielding schedule, to watch him bake some cute bread animals.

From a sourdough turtle to a brioche alligator — Trejo’s creations are as adorable as they are delicious-looking. Just don’t tell him we said that.

[link, Geeks Are Sexy]