These Star Wars Beer Steins Are Most Impressive


Whether you’re drinking at your home base, or a party far far away — a proper drinking vessel is a must.

Star Wars Beer Steins are here to help make you the coolest drinker this side of Mos Eisley. R2-D2 could be the stein you’re looking for, unless you’d prefer Boba Fett to hold your bounty.

If you’re a mean drinker, or prefer dark ales, there’s always Darth Vader. Check them all out here, and may the froth be with you.





Pixar Pancakes Are Fun For The Whole Family


If you’re looking for a breakfast that appeals to kids and adults, and is a little too pretty to eat, look no further than these Pixar Pancakes.

Brought to us by Dan Drake of Dan Cakes, he creates colorful and scary-accurate pancake portraits of some of our favorite Pixar characters.

There’s Toy Story, A Bug’s Life, Up, and even Cars. Then, since Dan apparently has some extra batter, he creates a bunch of obscure secondary characters. Please watch this…


Mad Max Vehicles Made Out of Vegetables Are Coming For Your Meats


If you saw Mad Max: Fury Road, then you know what it’s like to have your retinas and eardrums assaulted in the name of entertainment. Twitter member, Sativa_high, wants in on the sensory overload.

Made out of eggplant, cucumber, and an obscene amount of toothpicks, he recreated a few of the vehicles from Fury Road. An awesome tribute to the movie, or perhaps it’s a commentary on why vegetarianism is wrong. Either way, pretty awesome.


[link, via technabob]

If Famous Movie Directors Were Chefs

steven-spielbergMovie directors, more than any other creative professionals, will often adapt a certain style, and then use said style until everything they do feels like a parody.

Brought to us by Cheekylicious, What If These Movie Directors Were Culinary Artists shows us how a few of the most well-known directors would fare as chefs.

Steven Spielberg would obviously make family-friendly meals, while Tim Burton would over-cook every one of Johnny Depp’s meals. Sadly, there’s no Tarantino, who would probably serve breakfast for dinner.



[link, via Geeks Are Sexy]

A Tribute To ‘The Shining’ Made With Food

photo by Davide Luciano

To help celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Shining, photographer Davide Luciano and food stylist Claudia Ficca recreated key elements of the horror film with food.

From a pie that reminds us that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” to REDRUM recreated with alphabet soup, the photo series may scare you into having an early lunch. Just stay out of the pea maze.

photo by Davide Luciano
photo by Davide Luciano
photo by Davide Luciano
photo by Davide Luciano

[link, via Buzzfeed]