McDonald’s Frightening New Mascot ‘Happy’ Placed In A Few Classic Horror Movies


Recently, McDonald’s unleashed Happy, an anthropomorphic cardboard box, to help promote Happy Meals. And… How do we put this?… He’s kinda creeping everyone out.

But just how terrifying is this new ambassador of boxed meals? Well, to find out, we went ahead and placed Happy in a few classic horror films, to see if he’s a suitable replacement for a mass murderer, a devil baby, and a killer shark. You be the judge…


Silence of The Lambs




The Ring


Rosemary’s Baby


The Shining



TV Dinners, An Illustration Series of Fictional Meals From Television and Movies


TV Dinners is a fun illustration series by artist Kyle Platts. It’s part of a project by Food Republic that asks artists to “dream up a fantasy restaurant, then devise a menu for it.”

London-based Platts chose to visualize a few fictional foods from television and movies. Whether a McDowell’s combo meal from Coming To America, or a yummy stallion heart from Game of Thrones — the drawings might make you yearn for some cartoon grub while you queue up some Netflix.







[via Food Republic]

Watch ‘Machete’ Star Danny Trejo Make Bread Animals


You may recognize Danny Trejo as the star of Machete, or perhaps another movie where he kills a lot of people. And if you ever wondered, as I often do, what Machete does during his downtime, Nerdist has some insight.

Danny Trejo’s Breadanimals visits the action hero during a break from his machete-wielding schedule, to watch him bake some cute bread animals.

From a sourdough turtle to a brioche alligator — Trejo’s creations are as adorable as they are delicious-looking. Just don’t tell him we said that.

[link, Geeks Are Sexy]

Balm Chicky Balm Balm, ’70s Adult Film-Inspired Lip Balm


It was a simpler time of feathered hair and over-the-top sexual innuendo, and the bassline was unmistakable. Now, the soundtrack to the ’70s can be spread across your lips.

Balm Chicky Balm Balm is here to help keep your lips moistened while celebrating the certified-groovy days of adult films. And while the title sets the mood, Balm Chicky’s stars provide the action. Flavors/talent includes Juicy Melons, Sweet Baby Ginger, Huge Cucumber, Wild Mountain Honey, and Hot Chocolate Love.

Each tube contains three-times as much balm as your typical lip balm. And, much like the adult film stars of the time, Balm Chicky is 100%-natural. But the real scene-stealer is each tube’s patented Friend End™. Placed on the opposite end of the tube is a separate stash of balm with a flip-cap – just the right size for the finger of a friend in need.

Balm Chicky Balm Balm is new and available at The Foodiggity Shop. Right now, the purchase of any two will get you one for FREE.*


Juicy Melons


Sweet Baby Ginger


Huge Cucumber


Hot Chocolate Love


Wild Mountain Honey


The Friend End

*Limited quantities. Cannot be combined with another coupon or offer. Let us know which extra balm you’d like in the checkout comments.


Farmer Turns Vinyl Star Wars Billboard Into A Chicken Coop


On a farm far far away… Oregon poultry farmer, Mark Anderson, reused a few discarded movie billboards to provide coverage for his chicken coop. By upcycling the vinyl ad for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Andersen created a very colorful and imposing shelter for his baby chicks.

Too bad they’ll have to stare at a promotion for Episode I during their formative years — the poor little future McNuggets.




[link, via Gizmodo]