Morning Beast Coffee Mug


We know how you feel, Morning Beast Coffee Mug… Everyone’s a bit cranky in the AM. Brought to us by The Big Duluth Creative Studio, The Beast is only a small part of the morning terror that artist Ron Free produces. Free also creates just as awesome and disturbing jugs and illustrations.

[via Obvious Winner]

The Beer Monster Bottle Opener Is Here To Help

Don’t let his menacing metal teeth and sharp horns frighten you… The Beer Monster is here to help. Sure, he’s got a large mouth and scary horns, but they’re meant to be put to good use. Use his pie-hole to open your beer bottle, while his horns could be used for prying open cans.

Also, his little tail keeps Beer Monster upright, so he can keep an eye on your drink for you. Because he only has one eye, get it? Oh, never mind.

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Beware of The Hangover Monster

Ad agency Lowe Ativism — when considering their target audience and a saturated pharmaceutical advertising market — felt the need to dumb down their ads for the hangover stopper, Guronsan. Enter The Hangover Monster — a big, green, googly-eyed menace.

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