Spam Snacks Are Now The Best Way To Eat Spam On-The-Go


Real world problem… We want our Spam wherever we go, but the large blue tin is a bit hard to carry around.

Hormel knows our daily struggle, and has unleashed Spam Snacks. The meat-like product is now available in handy bite-sized pieces, and packaged in an easy-to-carry pouch.

There’s also some variety available with your choice of teriyaki, bacon, and classic. Never be without your Spam again.

[via HuffPo]

This Pizza’s Got Mini Meat Pies In Its Crust


Just when we thought that we’d reached our ridiculous-pizza-crust-stuffing-apex with hot dogs, Pizza Hut Australia is here to set the bar a little higher.

Titled, The Four’N Twenty Stuffed Crust Pizza — the culinary monstrosity is topped with pepperoni, bacon, ham, beef, and Italian sausage. And, just in case you’re not your average meat lover, there are eight meat pies included in the crust.

The pizza is mercifully available for a limited time, so the death toll should be minimal. Enjoy, Australia.

[link, via Incredible Things]

Ad Agency Looking For ‘Fresh Meat’ Makes An Awesomely Insane Recruitment Video


For those lucky enough to have ever worked in advertising, then you were once an adorable know-nothing plebe, known by industry insiders as “fresh meat.”

So, when agency Mother New York decided that the value of fresh meat in the office warranted a recruitment video, they did not disappoint. Taking the term a bit literally, and bat-shit crazily, the agency takes us on a psychedelic romp through pounds of the raw, the cooked, and the tubed meats as a recruitment tool.

The accompanying soundtrack appears to be sung by an employee, with the type of enthusiasm and dead-eyes that only come from former fresh-meat/currently charred veterans. Application deadline is April 24th, meat.

[link, via AdWeek]

The Meat Towel Will Help Dry You Off


If you’re in need of a shower after a serious dose of meat sweats, you can stick with a theme and dry off with the Meat Towel.

The Niku Towel (meat towel) comes packaged in butcher paper for the full effect. Wrap one around you after your much-needed shower. Or, use them as your guest towels to annoy your vegetarian friends.

Made in Japan. Meaty.