The Meat Towel Will Help Dry You Off


If you’re in need of a shower after a serious dose of meat sweats, you can stick with a theme and dry off with the Meat Towel.

The Niku Towel (meat towel) comes packaged in butcher paper for the full effect. Wrap one around you after your much-needed shower. Or, use them as your guest towels to annoy your vegetarian friends.

Made in Japan. Meaty.





What’s Inside A Slim Jim?


Snap into this… Wired has put together a handy animated video that explains what actually goes into the infamous meat stick known as the Slim Jim.

And, as with anything that provides a behind-the-scenes on processed meats... sometimes it’s just best not to know. Please enjoy.


Meat and Cheese Packaging That Tells You The Part of The Animal You’re Getting


When shopping for meat at the supermarket, it’s easy enough to grab whatever the “Manager’s Special” is, and to not pay much attention to exactly what parts you’re buying.

Corella, a small meat and cheese store in Spain, commissioned Fauna to rethink their brand. With fun and education in mind, the minimalist packaging provides a handy diagram of what part of the animal you’ll be buying.

Even the cheeses will make you smarter. Just in case you didn’t know the type of animal it comes from from, and where on its body. Perhaps sometimes it’s best not to know. 

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[via Dieline]

The United Steaks of America, An Interactive Map of Each US States’ Official Meat


It’s no secret that ‘Merica loves its meat. So… Why do only four States in the Union — Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Texas — claim an animal-based food item as their official State fare?

L.V. Anderson over at Slate looks to fix this atrocious oversight, with The United Steaks of America. The interactive map shows an awesome and complete disregard for “official” State foods — placing in its stead, an unofficial meat for each.

Check it out, and see if they got your States’ meat-of-choice correct. Foodiggity, based in New Jersey, would argue that Taylor Ham should be our State meat. South Jerseyans can then argue that it should be “Pork Roll.” Nonetheless… Check out the fully-operational map here.



The Knuckle Pounder Will Help Keep Those Cutlets In Line


Is that ribeye acting all tough again? Or, perhaps you’d just like to keep a few cutlets in line? The Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer is here to help.

Your new fist of fury is made from cast aluminum, and available at The Foodiggity Shop.