How To Find The Speed Of Light Using Peeps


Peeps owe their color, gelatinousness, and very existence to science. So, it only makes sense that they pay it back, by lending themselves to a scientific experiment.

Finding The Speed of Light with Peeps, by NPR’s Skunk Bear, is a very fun way to come up with how fast light travels. It’s actually quite simple, and a fun little project that you can do with the kids… if they don’t eat all the Peeps first. Science!!

[link, via Mental Floss]

Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses Will Get The Campfire Party Started


When rationing out marshmallows to the kids for s’mores, make sure to set a few aside for the adults. Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glasses are here to help make the campfire party interesting when all the chocolate and graham crackers are gone.

Simply toast your marshmallow, allowing them to hollow themselves out. Fill it with your favorite booze, or find some s’mores vodka… we’re sure that exists somewhere.


[link, Neatorama]

Guinness Marshmallows


It’s St. Patrick’s Day… And you know what that means? Break out the kelly green and GUINNESS EVERYTHING!!!

Wondermade is on board with Guinness Marshmallows. The fluffy squares are made with the Irish elixir, pure Penzey’s vanilla extract, and rolled in crushed pretzels.

Use them to make some Irish S’mores, or, oh… Who are we kidding? Eat them while chugging Guinness, and then go pick a fight with the guy at the bar who isn’t wearing enough green. Just like last year, but with marshmallows.

[link, via HiConsumption]

Your Instagram Photos Can Now Be Printed On Marshmallows


Are your marshmallows simply not vintage-looking enough? Now you can have a stash of marshmallows with your very own Instagram photos printed on them.

Brought to us by Boomf, they will allow you to connect with them via Instagram, where they’ll turn those sunset photos and pictures of your feet into 9 gourmet marshmallows.

Use your new Instagramallows to drop in your cocoa, or to make some throwback S’mores. Especially if you already have Instagram pictures of you making S’mores. Very meta.


[link, via Gizmodo]

Stay Puft Marshmallows Exist

Stay Puft Quality Marshmallows, inspired by the cutest movie monster to ever ruin New York City, are finally a real thing. Although we’ve been treated to a caffeinated version of Stay Pufts before — these appear to be the first gimmick-free and fully-licensed version of the fluffy treats.

Grab a box to add your Ghostbusters’ collectibles, or use them to make Stay Puft S’mores at your next campout.