A Father And Daughter Created A Cereal-Eating Machine, Sort-of


Mornings are hard. And, we don’t need the added responsibility, or have the time to manually shovel cereal into our face.

Luckily, Ivan Owen and his daughter are here to help save our mornings. The crafty duo invented a Cereal-Eating Machine… and it’s built for speed.

It’s certainly not built for efficiency, as more cereal will probably wind up on the kitchen floor than in your mouth. No mention if the duo has plans to mass produce their morning-enhancing invention. In the meantime, dads will have to come up with another way to piss off mom before work.

Please watch this…

[link, via Mashable]

Push Button, Receive Bacon For Real


Those handy instructions that accompany a public restroom hand-dryer have inspired one of the most fantastic memes ever, Push Button, Receive Bacon.

The Rabbit Hole, realizing that nobody enjoys the empty promise of bacon, have created a machine that’ll finally reward the button-pusher with yummy pork fat. The bacon machine is made possible with a repurposed printer, while bacon sizzles along its fuser.

The sign no longer lies. Go, technology!

[link, via technabob]

The Breakfast Sandwich Maker Changes Everything


We want a breakfast sandwich and we want it now!! So the good people at Hamilton Beach has made our wish their command, and brought us the Breakfast Sandwich Maker.

Skip the drive-thru and simply load up the tiers of the contraption with all of your favorite breakfasty-type stuff. And, within five minutes, the most important sandwich of the day is served.

Watch this thing in action…

[link, via HiConsumption]

The Oreo Creme Removal Machine


If you fancy yourself some Oreos, but are averse to the creme filling, there’s now some new and creative ways to de-stuff your sandwich cookies. Physicist, copywriter, and creme-filling-hater David Neevel built a machine that can remove the white goo from an Oreo, leaving nothing but the two chocolate wafers.

The machine was built as part of Nabisco’s “Cookie vs. Cream” campaign, that will showcase creative ways to separate an Oreo over the next few weeks.

[via Laughing Squid]

The Skittles Sorting Machine

When you only care about tasting part of the rainbow, The Skittles Sorting Machine is here to help. Created by candy enthusiast/mad genius Brian Egenriether, the machine will sort your bag of yummy Skittles by color. It then leaves you an entire bowl of your favorite flavor, making it easier to dispose of the yucky purples. Either way, please watch this video.

[link, via Incredible Things]