This Lucky Charms Cake Is Filled With Irish Whiskey and Rainbows


Nothing says, “Irish” and “St. Patty’s Day,” quite like the colorful marbits of Lucky Charms Cereal. And, perhaps some Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Charles Phoenix agrees, and has created the Irish Whiskey Soaked Lucky Charms Cake. The cake is covered in the sugary Lucky Charms marbits, with not an oat cluster in sight. And the best part… Cutting into the cake to reveal a rainbow, and the fact that the cake is Jameson-flavored.


[link, via Blazenfluff]

One Long Rainbow Found In A Bowl of Lucky Charms


Did imgur member CaitRose just find one very long rainbow marbit in her bowl of Lucky Charms? Or, did a unicorn take a poop in her cereal bowl?

No matter… It is a sign. Of what, we do not not know. But I would get that thing on Ebay, pronto. And, find the unicorn responsible. Rumor has it that their tears are made from delicious cereal milk.

[link, via First We Feast]

Foodiggity’s Lucky Charms Gift Basket Giveaway

After seeing our Lucky Charms Sifter post, and to promote a recent episode of Glee — agency Rogers & Cowan offered to send Foodiggity a basket of Lucky Charms-related swag to giveaway. I accepted, on the condition that they send two — score!

So without further ado… Foodiggity’s Lucky Charms Swag Giveaway. The gift basket includes; one box of magically delicious Lucky Charms, one stick of Lucky Charms Lip Balm, one Lucky Charms T-shirt, and a bowl and shiny spoon for which to enjoy your free cereal.

Simple to enter… Name something that you truly believe brings good luck? The number 7? A heads-up penny? Stepping in dog doo? Name it.

Head over to Foodiggity’s Facebook page until noon EST tomorrow (11/10) to enter. Best answer in the comment section gets the goods. Good Luck!

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Lucky Charms Sifter

Let’s face it… Lucky Charms are awesome. But we all know that the star of the show is the marshmallows, with those pesky oat clusters just an unwelcome supporting act. And if buying only the marbits isn’t an option for you — the Lucky Charms Sifter is here to help.

Created by Tom Lombardi, the 3D printed gadget will help separate the pink hearts and yellow moons, from the beige tasteless nuggets that we loathe. The shame felt from eating a bowl of marshmallows should subside by lunch. Enjoy.

[link, via The Awesomer]