The Hobbit Beers For Precious Drinking


If you’re looking for one beer to rule them all, you now have your choice of three. BevLink and Fish Brewing have entered a fellowship to bring us a trilogy of beers inspired by The Hobbit movies.

Gollum Precious Pils starts the series off with a strong Imperial Pils, that will certainly go over well at the Shire. Smaug Stout is in the middle with a Russian Imperial Stout. Bolg Belgian Tripel, inspired by the white orc chieftain, concludes the series.

The Hobbit series will start shipping this week, beginning “in the West,” and should make its way throughout the land shortly.





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The Greatest Hobbit Hole Cake That You’ll See Today


One lucky little Lord of The Rings fan got the ultimate birthday treat with The Hobbit Hole Birthday Cake.

Created by New Jersey-based cake artists Pink Cake Box — the Hobbit home is so well-done and adorable, you’d swear that there were tiny little hobbits and an old wizard inside. Mmmm… Gandalfy.

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The Lord of the Rings Dining Room Set


If you have a large fellowship to feed, the Lord of The Rings Dining Room Set may provide a suitable place to convene. Besides the centerpiece of ‘The Ring’ chandelier, the chairs are engraved with the White Tree of Gondor on the front, and the Eye of Sauron on the back.

Sturdy enough to support any large human, or a healthy dwarf — the set was created by a company called Middle Earth Furniture — seriously.

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The Hobbit Pancakes


Make a hobbit of eating a good breakfast… Saipancakes gets all middle-earthy with The Hobbit Pancakes — including a few of the more memorable characters from the new film. Gollum is even included to help scare the crap out of a few halflings in the morning.

And, if you like food and geek culture, check out our One Ring To Rule Them All T-Shirt.

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My Precious Onion Ring

Show your love of daylong trilogies and fried food, with the One Ring To Rule Them All T-shirt. So, the next time that you get a bonus onion ring in your biggie fries, you may get the urge to rule Middle Earth — or just torment a few Halflings.

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