I Love Garlic Lamp

Garlic… It helps improve upon Italian food, makes our breath extra stinky, and wards off vampires. Now, garlic will help light up the room. The Garlic Lamp is brought to us by Ukraine-based designer Anton Naselevets — inspired by the beautiful form of the dracula-repellent.

Consider using one to light up any vegetable-themed rooms in the house, your Italian restaurant, or anywhere the undead aren’t welcome.

[via Yanko Design]

Have a Light Lunch with The Edible Desk Lamp

Working through lunch again, and can’t get away from your desk? Lucky for you, New York-based artist Victor Vetterlein has come up with an edible desk lamp. Officially-titled Bite Me, the lamp is made from vegetable glycerin and agar, with an embedded LED light source.

Once the LED is removed and the lamp is softened in water, it can be consumed, and you can get back to work. Have fun doing those expense reports in the dark, office drone. Bite Me will be available soon in four flavors — orange, cherry, blueberry and apple.

[link, via Gizmodo]