Heinz Makes Sriracha Ketchup Now


Ketchup has been the reigning king of condiments for generations now. However sriracha, due to its cult following and crippling-addictiveness, is gaining ground on ketchup. Catsup never stood a chance.

Heinz, feeling the paradigm shift in the condiment continuum, is now taking the “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em approach, and has released Sriracha Ketchup. This, or course, will save time for those who are still mixing their sriracha and ketchup to put on anything that goes into their pie-hole.

For those who think sriracha IS ketchup… carry on, and keep doing what you do.

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These Two Seventeen-Year-Olds Invented A Ketchup Cap That Doesn’t Squirt Water First


See the two young gentlemen in the picture above? Well they’re our new great American heroes.

Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson, high school students and ketchup enthusiasts, have come up with an ingenious new invention that keeps the first squirt from a ketchup bottle from being a watery mess.

During a year-long research project about their favorite condiment, the two seventeen-year-olds conceptualized and designed a bottle insert that could change condiment application forever. But does it work for catsup?

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Why Is Ketchup So Hard To Pour?


Whether its ketchup or catsup… Waiting for the viscous condiment to exit the bottle can be excruciating. But why does ketchup torture us with its slow escape from its glass prison?

TED-Ed, as usual, has the answer to this burning question. Check out the video below, and get educated about Newtonian fluids and tomato particles. Or, you could just slap the bottle on the ’57,’ like everyone else.


Clash of The Condiments, Ketchup vs Ranch

The ongoing debate… Ketchup or Ranch? Recently, a few costumed ruffians sponsored by Hidden Valley finally duked it out for condiment supremacy. During the citywide brawl, ketchup can’t seem to keep up with the speed and reach of the Ranch squeeze bottle, and eventually concedes the match. Then sriracha comes along and delivers a fatal karate kick to the throats of both condiments. I made that last part up, but that would’ve been awesome, and far more accurate a result.

Just remember when using condiments, to always practice safe lunch.

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