Cotton Candy French Fries Exist


If you love carnivals, and like some fluffy with your salty and sweet, you might consider a plate of Cotton Candy Fries.

Brought to us by alternative fries-specialist, Sticky’s Finger Joint in NYC, the french fries are indeed topped with sugary colorful cotton candy.

Just to make sure that the snack hits every zone on your palate, it’s also topped with caramel sauce and strawberry Pop Rocks. Salty, sweet, fluffy and fizzy… all the flavor profiles are covered.



[link, via Thrillist]

Junk Food Plated To Look Like Gourmet Meals


Although most junk food doesn’t need anything more than garish packaging and a shiny sugar-coating to appeal to our eyes — there are ways to make it seem more sophisticated.

Chef Jacques Lamerde, using master plating skills, takes some of our favorite sugary and salty items, and makes them appear gourmet.

He even applies fancy menu-naming techniques to the plates of Hot Pockets, Pop-Tarts and Munchkins, to help complete the culinary ruse. See more below and over at his Instagram.






[link, via Neatorama]

Snack Foods Repackaged To Help Them Appear Artisanal


If you’ve ever wondered how you could make those junk foods of yours appear more fancy… it’s all about the packaging.

Dan Meth over at Buzzfeed tests this theory, by repackaging some very unsophisticated food, to make them appear more artisanal.

For example, Slim Jim become Slim James, and suddenly the meat-like stick is suitable for the snootiest of food snobs.

Although, I do not agree with a single-chamber package of Nerds… That’s some low-brow shit.








Watch Koreans Try American Snacks For The First Time


It might be hard for Americans to believe that anyone in the world wouldn’t enjoy a Twizzler or Pop-Tart. That is until these artificially-colored and flavored foodstuffs are presented to those of a completely different food culture, with an uncorrupted palate.

Watch as a few Korean females, having never gazed upon anything even resembling a Cheez-It, cringe and gag their way through a series of American snacks.

Oh, and the consensus on Twizzlers and Pop-Tarts… They both suck hard. Please watch this…

[link, via Lost At E Minor]

Guinness Potato Chips Are A Thing

photo via Food Beast
photo via Food Beast

There are few things more synonymous with Ireland than Guinness and potatoes. British chip-maker Burt’s knows this, and has created the ultimate Irish bar snack with Guinness Potato Chips.

The chips contain the bittersweet flavor of Guinness Stout, as well as the salty starchy goodness of thick-cut and hand-cooked chips. The chips are available in Original Guinness Flavor and Rich Beef Chilli. Chilli’s very Irish too.


[link, via designtaxi and Foodbeast]