Jello Shot Cake, Taste The Rainbow of Drunkenness


Jello shots are a good time… Therefore a Jello Shot Cake is like Mardi Gras plus Carnivale times a million.

Made by layering several colors of jello and adding booze – the rainbow of drunkenness will also test your patience, as every layer must be hardened in the fridge, one intoxicating level at a time.


[link, via Neatorama]

Form, A Jell-O Inspired Typeface


Jell-O inspires a lot of things… Whipped cream use, jiggliness. But, up until now, it hasn’t done much for typography. FIT student, Alexis Gallo, created Form — a gelatinous typeface and font collection.

After creating Jell-O letters with Futura as a reference — Gallo let them fall where they may, then recreated the distorted alphabet into a viable font. Just make sure to kern your jelly.



[link, via The Fox Is Black]

Butt Pudding Is a Thing, Unsurprisingly Japanese


We’re not sure if you’re ready for this jelly, but something referred to as “butt pudding” is available in Japan. Just add the pudding mix and milk to the heiney mold, then refrigerate.

You can also make a g-string for your jello butt, to help add some jiggly sexiness. Check it out…

[link, via Laughing Squid]

How To Make Bacon Jello

We’ve seen the almighty bacon in many forms. However, it’s never been quite as jiggly and disturbing as Bacon Jello. Brought to us by Instructables user Canida – the finished product slightly resembles bacon, and will also taste like it, since the recipe calls for the real thing.

So, is it dessert? Is it breakfast? No matter, it’s bacon. Use it as you would real bacon, and prepare for the disturbing texture of gelatinous pork fat.

[link, via Gizmodo]

There’s Always Room by Kristin Tercek

There’s Always Room is a new piece by one of Foodiggity’s favorite artists, Kristin Tercek. The painting is part of Tercek’s body of work, known as Cuddly Rigor Mortis, in which she draws inspiration from a fascination with handmade dolls, and the mortality of anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables.

Here, we see a few fruits diving into a refreshing pool of green Jell-O. But holding true to the theme of Cuddly Rigor Mortis — our adorable friends will surely meet an untimely end. I say, Jell-O drowning.

‘There’s Always Room’ is acrylic on wood, measures 14″ x 9.5″ x .75″, and it goes on sale this Friday, September 7th at 3pm EDT.