Edible Zen Garden For Delicious Inner Peace


Zen gardens are supposed to help offer inner peace… Not induce a sugar high. However, this creative take on a zen rock garden attempts to do both.

The Shinan-ji Temple Rock Garden, created by designers Tomonori Saito and Shohei Sawada, uses Japanese candies with black sesame seeds to resemble rocks, resting on a bed of sugar that resembles sand. Now, that’s a moment of zen we can sink out teeth into.



[via Colossal]

Japanese Chef Makes Incredibly Tiny Pieces of Sushi


A Japanese chef, Hironori Ikeno, creates minuscule pieces of sushi using very small cuts of fish and one grain of rice.

What started as a joke, quickly turned into a challenge of how small Ikeno could make his pieces of raw fish and rice. Now the joke is watching customers pay actual money for the microscopic pieces of octopus, tamago, and otoro. Please watch the video below…


[via First We Feast and Grub Street]

3D Animals In Your Food Is Officially A Thing


It’s not just capybaras swimming around in your food anymore. The trend of 3D edible animals in meals has officially exploded. Thanks to some creative use of ground-up radish, we’re seeing an assortment of adorable animals hanging out in a lot of dishes throughout Japan.

Referred to as “Daïkon Art,” other foods are sometimes introduced to create eyes and ears, with soy sauce making a great way to add color and contrast. Have fun biting their adorable little heads off.




[via TAXI]

One Shot, A Machine That Will Make Miso Soup One Cup at a Time


If you need your miso immediately, and are into convenience, the One Shot is here to help. The miso-maker, similar to a Keurig coffee machine, will gladly dispense one cup of soup at the touch of a button.

A hot cup of soup takes about a minute, and users have the option to add dehydrated vegetables and seafood. The right mix may even help it taste just like a cup of Keurig coffee.



[link, via Laughing Squid]

A Pair of Chopsticks That Fit Together Perfectly


The days of attempting to separate take-out chopsticks, only to get an uneven break or to ruin them altogether, may soon be over. Japanese design firm Nendo has come up with an innovative and space-saving design for a pair of chopsticks that fit perfectly together.

When nested, the two chopsticks appear to be one. Then, when separated, they can be used to go to town on some take-out.




[link, via Spoon and Tamago]