Honest Food Pyramids For Adults


The Food Pyramid was created for a reason. And, that reason is to make you feel bad about your food choices. Thankfully, Someecards got real, and created Brutally Honest Food Pyramids For Every Stage of Adulthood.

So, in case you just can’t squeeze in your 2-3 servings of dairy, or 3-5 of veggies, just be honest with yourself and follow these.





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Charts About Brunch Tell a Painful Truth


Brunch used to be just a fun way to consolidate two meals while nursing a hangover. Now, it’s clearly become an exercise in humans’ tolerance for each other, and is responsible for things like “bruncher’s remorse” and “tip guilt.”

Michelle Rial of The Bold Italic knows this, and has created Hand-Crafted Charts About Brunch — a handy series that shows us a few ways in which the meal in-between breakfast and lunch has become intolerable.

Now, where’s my overpriced Bloody Mary and designer omelette? Waitress!!






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Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods?

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If you’re not sure how pretentious you’d like your grocery shopping to be today, The Washington Post wants to help.

Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? is a handy flowchart, that’ll help in your quest towards alternative shopping. It might even keep you from having to hit the Super Wal-Mart again, and could score you a deviled horn melon. Happy shopping.

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How To Make Eating Sounds In Other Languages


Little did we know that Americans aren’t the only ones who make non-sensical sounds when eating. The International Sounds of Eating, by James Chapman, covers the utterances of various countries.

And speaking of Americans… We were under the impression that our eating sounded more like, “mmerfle, morf, morf, blibb, blibb, blibb.” However, Chapman is currently working on a PhD in physics, so we’ll take his word for it.

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How Many Calories Are In A Drink From Starbucks?



The next time that you’re enjoying one of Starbucks’ blended espressos, you might want to consider what you could be having instead.

Ryoko Itawa of I Love Coffee has put together a handy infographic, How Many Calories Are In A Drink From Starbucks? It encourages the coffee drinker to not only consider healthier options for your caffeine addiction, but it also finds your drink’s very surprising caloric equivalent.

For instance, around the holidays when you have nothing by Peppermint White Chocolate Mochas on the brain — you could ingest the same amount of calories from almost four cans of Coca-Cola. A Green Tea Latte must be healthy, right? Wrong. A medium McDonald’s fries could replace it in the calorie department.

Although, now you know you could have a yummy coffee drink, instead of the 150 Skittles often ingested in one sitting.








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