The Sound of Frying in Other Languages


If you listen closely to food being fried, it sounds like “awesome” being repeated over and over. In English, we refer to this sound as “sizzle.” But what is the sound of frying referred to in other languages?

James Chapman has the answer, and has brought us The Sound of Frying in Other Languages. For example, in China, you could listen to bacon “zizi,” or an egg “tsss” in Estonia. Either way, awesomeness is still going on in that pan. Enjoy, World!

[link, via Neatorama]

Assemble For Breakfast With Avengers Cereal


If you need to assemble the ultimate breakfast, these Superhero Cereals are here to help. Brought to us by artists Bamboota and Elliot Fernandez, the cereals are chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, and superhero marshmallows.

Whether you get the day started with Iron Bran, Thorrios, or Groot Loops — you’ll be packed with revitalizing energy and rewarded an awesome prize inside. If only these cereals were real, that is… Enjoy your bowl of Lucky Charms marshmallows.







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Artist Creates Fake Coffee Brands That We Wish Existed


Disposable coffee cups have become quite the canvas for inspired art. Now, Russian illustrator Illarion Gordon takes coffee cup art to another level, creating fictitious coffee brands, while toying with our caffeine-addicted minds.

Coffee shops such as Coffee Time and Atomic Coffee will surely have us skipping the little green mermaid. As long as they provide our soy lattes… can’t live without those.

See more of Gordon’s work over at Instagram.






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How A Bean Becomes A Fart, In Cute Animation Form


Sure, the reason why beans make us fart is very scientific. But, lucky for us, the creative folks at Giant Ant have explained it in terms we can all understand, via an adorable animation.

How A Bean Becomes A Fart starts at the very beginning, and takes us on the bean’s entire journey through the eater — inevitably winding up in gaseous form.

Now… Is there a cartoon to help explain why the silent ones are indeed the deadliest?

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Cereal Critters, A Series That Imagines Cereal Mascots As Action Figures


If you grew up –like most — hooked on the kiddie crack that is kids’ breakfast cereal, then you probably consider cereal mascots your breakfast heroes. Unfortunately, after all these years, Frankenberry and Quisp were never given the honor of being encapsulated in a blister bubble.

Artist Phil Postma wants to change all of that, by providing a visual of what a cereal mascot would look like if packaged as an action figure. Cereal Critters is a series of illustrations provided by Postma, with our favorite breakfast spokesmen nestled safe in their bubble packaging.

Which cereal mascot would you want to play with first? Or, would you immediately want to form some sort of justice league with all of the cereal monsters?









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