50 Foods In 50 Days, Hyperrealistic Illustrations of Food Presented Daily


50 Foods in 50 Days is a daily art project by Australian artist CJ Hendry. The series shows hyperrealistic illustrations of foods placed on beautiful Hermes plates.

The fifty illustrations are simple black pen to paper using a mostly pointillist technique. See more of Hendry’s work below and over at Instagram.






[link, via Laughing Squid]

Awesome Mom Illustrates Famous Internet Cats and Robots on Her Sons’ Lunch Napkins

Baymax and Grumpy Cat

Baymax and Grumpy Cat

There are few things that can help make a brown bag lunch the coolest part of a kid’s day. Awesome napkin illustrations of cats and robots appear to be one of those things.

After some time illustrating random pop culture characters and inspirational messages on her sons’ lunch napkins, Mom/artist Nina Levy has refocused her attention on internet-famous cats and robots.

Baymax and Grumpy Cat, R2-D2 and Limecat are just a few of these unusual duos that help make lunch awesomer. See more below.


R2-D2 and Limecat


Five Nights at Freddy’s Automata with Wet Cat


Ultron and Happy Cat


Cyberman from Doctor Who with Breaded Cat


Echo and Snoopybabe

[link, via designtaxi]

Food For Thought, Books Packaged As Canned Food


The problem with most books, besides all of the big words and lack of pictures, is that they’re never packaged to look like food. Designer, Maria Mordvintseva-Keeler, is here to help change that.

Food For Thought is a design concept that rethinks ordinary linear books, by packaging them in food cans. Three food-themed books — Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Naked Lunch and Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant — also include elements of the book plot illustrated on the can. Finally, pretty pictures to look at.





[link, via Packaging of The World]

The Bloody Mary Diagram Glass Is Here To Help


Making a Bloody Mary from scratch is hard… Especially when we’re on number six or seven, or trying to make one as our morning remedy.

The Bloody Mary Diagram Glass is here to help. Created by artist Alyson Thomas, the set includes two glasses displaying Thomas’ original artwork and all the ingredients you’ll need.

Keeping the party going, or self-medicating the morning after, has never been more stylish.

[link, via Supercompressor]

Coffee Stain Motorcycle Illustrations


Coffee stains have been known to ruin perfectly good tables, and some of the doodles we worked on so hard at that staff meeting. However, sometimes the ring stains are purposely placed on paper, and used for actual works of art.

Coffee Stain Motorcycles is a series by illustrator Carter Asmann. Coffee stain rings act as wheels, while the motorcycle is then carefully illustrated around them. Try a few of your own at that next boring meeting… or you can just check out more works by Asmann here.





[link, via Colossal]