Creamlapse, A Beautiful Time-Lapse Video of Ice Cream Melting


It’s summer and ice cream’s gonna melt. So, we might as well try to appreciate the hypnotic beauty of this process.

Creamlapse is brought to us by filmmaker Mateo Cabeza. The video is melting ice cream and nothing but melting ice cream, and we have no problem with that. Please enjoy.

[link, via Sploid]

Time-Lapse Video of Ice Cream Melting Is Your Moment of Zen


Ilsoo Yang created a cool, gooey, and relaxing time-lapse video of melting ice cream. Try not to get too hypnotized — especially while watching the ones with the sprinkles.

[link, via Boing Boing]

Ice Cream Sandwich Float For Sweet Lounging In The Pool


It’s summer!! Time for ice cream and lounging in the pool. Or, more to the point, lounging on ice cream in the pool.

The Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float is here to help scratch a few things off that summer to-do list. Made to look like a giant ice cream sandwich, you can place it in the pool, grab a good book, and lounge away.

Oh… Is reading not in your plans for the summer? Just float on your ice cream then. And, if you need to take that laziness indoors, check out the Ice Cream Sandwich Pillow to match.


Cheeseburger Ice Cream Sandwiches


Brought to us by Hungry Happenings, Chilly Cheeseburgers are ice cream sandwiches made to look like burgers. The simple recipe calls for vanilla cake buns, and a chocolate ice cream patty.




Watch These Kids Try To Guess Artisanal Ice Cream Flavors


Kids scream for ice cream. But do they care about the fancy flavors offered by artisanal ice cream makers?

This video helps kids step out of their vanilla and chocolate comfort zone, and tests their underdeveloped palates. The kids are asked to taste some artisanal ice cream flavors – such as Sweet Corn with Blackberry – and then guess what’s in them.

The results are what you might expect. Although it is funny to see kids guess that most flavors are just plain ol’ vanilla. Kids are so unsophisticated.