How To Cook A Hot Dog In A Pringles Can


Who knew, that besides holding your potato chips and acting as an effective hand trap, your Pringles can could be used as a hot dog-cooker?

Brought to us by Instructables user Cats Science Club — a simple technique and a few supplies are all that stands between you and a yummy hot diggity dog. Just make sure to get your hand out first.



How To Make A Pringles Loop


When you finally get your hand released from the can, perhaps you can create your very own Pringles Ring.

All it takes is the aforementioned Pringles, an abundance of patience, and some free time. If you have a job that you need to get to, we suggest calling in sick — it may take a while. The man will understand, when they see your potato chip masterpiece.

[via Blazenfluff]

How To Make A Fire-Breathing Dragon Fly Out Of Your Cake


Would you like a fire-breathing dragon to fly out of your castle cake? There’s an app for that.

Brought to us by How To Cook That, their Surprise Cake app will help animate any of your baked goods. So, if your kid’s cake is lacking any “wow” factor, simply install the app on your iPhone or iPad, then place the marker where you’d like the action to happen.

When viewed through your mobile device, the cake will appear to have a genuine stone interior, and a fire-breathing dragon will fly out out of it. No worries… The dragon eventually flies back in, so the birthday boy can blow out the candles. Coolest. Birthday. Ever.


How To Cook Canned Ravioli With A Volcano


YouTube member lavapix makes it a habit of placing contained food items alongside an active volcano — just to see what happens.

Next on the menu, canned ravioli. Now, does the can of Chef Boyardee actually cook? We’re not sure, as it just explodes all over the place.

On second thought, perhaps this should have been titled, “How Not To Cook Canned Ravioli With A Volcano.” My bad.

[link, via Sploid]

Make Any Food Appropriate For Your Super Bowl Party, Just Add Stitches


Have you ever noticed that most Super Bowl party food ideas are nothing more than stuff made to look like little footballs? Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret… Adding a few well-placed lines to any food, will help it fit in at a Super Bowl party.

So, don’t stress over making your Super Bowl party food as football-centric as possible. Serve whatever you want, just add football stitches. It’s simple… One long line, and then 3-4 perpendicular lines across.

Your Super Bowl party guests will feel festive, and appreciate your effort. Regardless of the actual lack of thought on your part. Enjoy the game.



It’s already oblong and brown. Add stitches, and you’ll have the footballiest of football foods. Never mind that it’s still a meatloaf.



If you need a go-to and inexpensive starch for the day, consider whipping up some rice. Already sort of football-shaped, you’ll need a steady hand, a magnifying glass, and the patience to do a few thousand sets of stitches.


WINGSHot wings

Sure, Buffalo wings are already synonymous with football and parties. Now, they can be even Superbowlyer with stitches. No need to cook… If you can pick up a phone and place an order, awesome football food is now just a few straight lines away.



A tray of lasagna is easy to make, and would be a perfect way to feed a few hungry football fans. Although, lasagna isn’t necessarily considered a football party food, a few well-placed stitches will solve all that.



Frozen Burritos

Running out of time to cook, or you’re just plain lazy? Grab a few frozen burritos and pop them in the microwave. There’s a good chance that your guests are already fans of burritos, and some stitching will help them forget that you didn’t really give this party much thought.



There’s usually no place for flaky French pastries at a Super Bowl party. However, if you head down to your grocery store’s bakery section, you could pick up a few croissants. Add some stitches, and your guests will forget that they’re now eating something they’d usually find at an Oscar party.



Everyone will love ramen as a football party meal… Especially if you have some broke co-eds coming over. Just draw some sriracha lines on your instant noodles, and guests will be slurping away in-between giggling at the commercials.

Happy Super Bowl, everybody. And, you’re welcome.