How To Make Delicious and Fully-Functional Gummy LEGO Bricks


The problem with ordinary LEGOs is that, although they’re addictive and colorful, they’re just not jiggly and edible enough.

Thankfully, there’s “The King of Random” Grant Thompson to help solve our real world problem. With a few simple ingredients and supplies, Grant makes totally edible and fully-stackable Gummy LEGO Bricks and minifigures.

Your new gummies will help make a very gelatinous tower, or any structure you can come up with. And, the best part, is that the gummy LEGOs won’t destroy your feet if stepped on.


[link, via Colossal]

How To Make A Captain America Pizza


Apparently, there’s a little superhero movie coming out that you might’ve heard of. It’s called The Avengers, or something.

To help with some much-needed promotion for the movie, Rosanna Pansino of Nerdie Nummies has created a pizza inspired by one of the movie’s protagonists, Captain America.

The Captain America Pizza is made possible with some well-placed pepperoni, olives, and a cheese star. Made to look like the First Avenger’s trusty shield, the pizza should help thwart the most evil of munchies.

Good luck with your movie, Avengers. We hope it does well.

[link, via Mighty Mega]

How To Make Your Own Giant Twix Bar


Twix… The yummy chocolate/caramel/cookie sticks that, although there are two in each pack, are incredibly hard to share with others.

Now, thanks to My Cupcake Addiction, you can make your own Giant Twix with minimal effort. All that’s needed is some milk chocolate, caramel, and shortbread cookies to make a Twix bar the size of your forearm. Sharing, still optional.

[link, via The Awesomer]

How To Make A Meal Using Play-Doh Tools


Rhett and Link of Good Mythical Morning would like to take us back to our childhood. An innocent time when the salty allure of Play-Doh was one of the few things we had in life.

They achieve this by preparing a meal using nothing more than the very colorful culinary tools that are included in Play-Doh sets. Although, they’re not actually using Play-Doh — updating the process with adults in mind — they create a bit more palatable doughs with actual food. Please watch.

[link, via The Awesomer]